“You will lose your life during childbirth” -Fan raises curse at pregnant Nina Ivy

A troll on social media has gone borderline crazy as she puts heavy curses on reality star Nina Ivy.

The aggrieved troll took Nina Ivy, pregnant ex-BBNaija housemate, to Instagram to sprinkle curses.

Nina took to Instagram to tell Thelma to call her in response to the brawl between Thelma and Tacha at the BBNaiija reunion Day 8.

Yet Tacha fans felt she wasn’t supposed to have waded into what wasn’t her business so they planned to blast her full force. Recall Nina blasted someone, who earlier today named her man a spiritual husband

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“If you’ve decided to insert yourself, death awaits you in labour, we are ready tonight”, Nina Ivy wrote.

Reality TV star, Nina Ivy took a video of her pregnant belly to her Twitter account on Sunday May 3, 2020, where she shared.

She tied the knot with her enigmatic husband at a traditional wedding service on Saturday, February 15, 2020. The groom was reportedly not present at their wedding, though.