[Wow!]Checkout these Roll Royce toy car that worth ₦15.5M

Recently, Rolls-Royce entered the car toy industry in such a way that he made a strong lasting statement that only the luxury brand is able to do.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan model was launched on a scale of 1:8 which according to Supercar Blondie costs $40,000 (N15.5 m).

In a toy car test, Supercar Blondie begins by opening the Cullinan’s rear and removing the model’s remote. It controls all the lights of the car on the outside and inside, and pops the bonnet to allow a look at the V12 engine scale version.

The model includes more than 1,000 hand-made components. Even practically hidden areas such as the rear HVAC controls have tine embellishments on the console between the front seats.

It takes over 450 man-hours to build each model, meaning that the small crossover requires more time to put together than the real life-size car.


See photos below;

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