Things Upcoming Artiste must know before signing to a Record Label

Things Upcoming Artiste must know before signing to a Record Label

Things Upcoming Artiste must know before signing to a Record Label

Being signed by a record label is most artistes dream,

Because you will get opportunity to things you might not be able to achieve on your own.

Before Signing a Record Label Deal please note the below,

After an artist gets signed to a label, they get money called an ‘advance’ which the label pay them for the main time.

When the Artiste songs are released, the label keeps all the money made from it until they have recouped their expenses, which includes the advance, recording costs, promotion and legal fees.


Meaning, if they never recoup what they’ve invested in you, then you will never enjoy the money that you’ve made from your own music.

After getting back the investment made on the artiste,

There will then be a percent share from the next money the artist will be making till the agreed signed time expires.

A Record Label sign an artiste because they see him/her as what they can make money from,

If the artiste isn’t making money for the label, things will definitely not go well and the Label might end up neglecting you.

Very importantly, you should know the below before signing to a Record Label

  • When a record label comes for you, be sure to read and understand the agreement clearly before signing it.
  • Don’t rush into signing a record deal, ask for a little time to think about the offer.
  • As an artiste under a Record Label, you’re their property.
  • You can only release a song when its approved by the Label.
  • Recording/releasing/Performing song(s) outside the record label notice can get you sued.

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More so, Musicians need record labels for funding and promotion.

Record labels have more clout, than individual musicians and radio stations will likely agree to play an artists song if a record label is promoting them.

Artists who choose to self-promote, instead of signing onto a record label will have a harder time doing so.

Written by Libra Cfa IG @NahmeLibra_Cfa