They Are Truly Laying The 5G Cables In Lagos [SEE VIDEO PROVE]

They Are Truly Laying The 5G Cables In Lagos

The 5G Cable Installation In Lagos

Introducing the 5G network has caused many scene as it is said to be dangerous to human and every living things.

While many claimed it’s the reason corona virus spread faster in developed countries, others acclaimed it to be the cause of CoronaVirus.

Some people called it AntiChrist and saying 666 revelation is coming to pass.

Many others don’t agree with any of the above as they say it’s for the betterment of human.

All this seem to be claims as we can’t say for sure which is right or wrong.


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Meanwhile, a video showing that the 5G installation in lagos while people are indoors is in fact true has surfaced online which got people talking.

Watch Video Below :