August 30, 2017 LibraCfa 0

  I could Never forget Getting held against my will with a gun to my head was The worst Feeling Ever , & Y’all Mfuckers […]


August 29, 2017 LibraCfa 0

Laying Next To Mike Was The best feeling Ever , I love His Kiss’s Body Rubs , Sex Everything About Him had me going Coocoo […]


August 28, 2017 LibraCfa 0

CLICK ON THE BELOW LINK TO READ PREVIOUS PART STORY: BROKENHEARTEDGIRL-PART5 After Getting Home from A long ass day I was able to Put Dinner […]

Story: BrokenHeartedGirl : Part3

August 25, 2017 LibraCfa 0

STORY: BrokenHeartedGirl-Part1 Story: Broken Hearted Girl : Part2 After A long 3 Nights Me & Bae Finally decided to get some us Time while zy […]

Story: Broken Hearted Girl : Part2

August 25, 2017 LibraCfa 0

READ EPISODE1 HERE Days Go By & I’m Still Pregnant , Back Hurting Headaches Increasing Belly Getting Bigger & Attitude Getting Worser After Telling My […]