‘Restore my virginity before I sign the divorce papers’ – Woman tells her husband in court

A 28-year-old Nigerian lady simply known as Suliat wants her virginity returned if her husband, Lateef wants their marriage to be broken.

Lateef dragged Suliat to court to seek divorce on grounds of gross disrespect, humiliation and public embarrassment. His wife, he claims, was nothing but trouble.

He revealed to the judge that he had moved out of the house due mainly to her bad reception in his own house. Suliat is fed up with Lateef and they want to go their separate ways.

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However, at the hearing of the divorce case, Suliat told the court that only if Lateef returns her virginity and good health, as it was two years ago before the union, would she agree to melt their marriage.


She revealed that Lateef used juju to charm her in getting married to him, and that caused so much stress and disease. The man from the juju may have been dead. Since then, their case has been adjourned to a later date due to bad health in Suliat.