#Relationship : Bitter Experience – Liutenant Dheynhiz

Bitter experience

Many of us might have had a very bitter or ugly experience in this Race called ‘Relationship’.

You might have concluded that Love pays you back with evil.

Some of us don’t even believe in Love anymore. Many have given up.

So many have said to Hell with Relationship.
All because of “PAST EXPERIENCE”

Sometimes you ask yourself, Why Me?
…When you think you have found love, ugly stories and tears will knock at your door.


Infact, because of what you have experienced in the past you have developed hatred for men.

You are afraid of the future, you don’t know who to believe anymore. You have developed phobia for love.

Beloved, If wrong people don’t leave your life, good things will not start happening.

Don’t allow your past to affect your present and future.

Due to what pregnant women pass through during labour, if you ask them.

Some will tell you they will never take in again, but after one year she is pregnant again.

Do not allow what you have passed through to affect your future happiness.

That one man treated you so badly and shamefully does not mean there is no other man that will treat you like a Queen.

You have to let go so that you can get to the next level.

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It is time to apply Wisdom and your past experience to build a new Life and happiness.

Whatever you believe will work for you.

If you believe “All men are the same” it will work for you, but i know some ladies that will tell you..sorry ‘Mine is not included’ and it works for them.

You can find happiness again!  You can find love again!

Take away old garment of tears and thought and put on new garment of happiness and love.


Written By Liutenant Dheynhiz