President Muhammadu Buhari endorses Gun Control Body

President Muhammadu Buhari endorses Gun Control Body

President Muhammadu Buhari has endorsed the foundation of committee for the control of little arms and light weapons.

The Inside will be domiciled under NSA so as to give it a lawful support, Monguno revealed to State House.

He included, the middle will be the counter-fear-based-oppression place and cybersecurity community, the two of which are under his office.

Mr Monguno made this declaration after Thursday’s gathering of state meeting, which had past heads of state in participation.

The middle will “work with set-down universal norms and ECOWAS ban on the control of little arms and light weapons.”

He included that when in max speed, the inside will control the inflow of these weapons.


But this will mean likewise chipping away at cleaning up and discarding those as of now being used.

“Based on my recommendation to the president, the establishment of a national centre for the control of small arms and light weapons in Nigeria has been approved.

“This as well is to be domiciled in the office of the National Security Adviser,” he added.

“This centre on control of arms will provide the strategic framework for containing the proliferation of small arms and light weapons especially those coming from across our borders especially within the West Africa sub-region and through the maritime environment.”

President Muhammadu Buhari endorses Gun Control Body 1

He said that the president has coordinated that there ought to be improved collaboration between the military and other security organizations in the nation, to help knowledge sharing and assembling.

“This means that there should be improvement in the synergy and collaboration between the Armed Forces on one hand

“Also with the intelligence agencies on the other hand, while we simultaneously work with the paramilitary organisations,” he said.

Buhari has given gesture to acquisition of more arms and ammo to help battle against revolt and other security challenges.

Mr Monguno said the NSA is organizing the utilization of automatons to watch the grounds where outlaws and hijackers work.

President Muhammadu Buhari endorses Gun Control Body 2

The security challenges in the nation has left numerous dead and thousands uprooted.

This has been the main effect of the is the free progression of light and little weapons, the Security Specialist hinted.

This is even similarly as the country’s different security offices have caught a portion of the criminal organizations pirating these arms to cause pandemonium.

No less than 415 Nigerians were murdered in different savage assaults across Nigeria in July, as indicated by a report by a non-administrative association, Nigeria Grieve.