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 Opera News Hub Review – Does Opera News Hub pay

Opera News Hub Review – Does Opera News Hub pay

How to make money from Opera News Hub

You are probably looking for how to earn online and wondering if Opera News Hub is paying because you say it somewhere but you’re not sure if it’s paying for real.

Here’s a quick review of all you need to know about the platform.

Opera News Hub Review

OperaNewsHub is an extention of the popular browsing app operamini, this plateform is created for everyone who loves writting and open to diffrent categories.

Lunched in 2019, the platform already has more than 200 million monthly active users in Africa alone and it ranks as one of the most downloaded news apps in the world.

How To Become A Writer For Opera NewsHub

First of all, you will need to create an “Opera News Hub” account which is completely free, (CLICK HERE to create account) .

When do, you can publish your first post and start earning .

Below are steps on how to create an account with Opera News Hub.
Log on to the Opera MiniHub

On the homepage, click on the login/sign up button.

You can either sign up through your Facebook account or through your Google Gmail account. For this review, we used Google Gmail account.

How to make money from Opera News Hub

Next, you will be asked to confirm your account. Here you will have to choose your country.

Then, you fill in your account information, choose a username, a content category (the category, you want to write on), upload your profile pic and write a little about yourself in the biography box.

Click on “Confirm” to continue.

On this page, you will have to fill in your author information. Type in your details in the spaces provided.

To successfully register, you will need an active email address and phone number.

Also, you need to have an Opay account or you won’t be able to receive payments. (Not to worry, if you don’t have one as you can quickly download the app and an Opay account).

Once done, you can start creating Content and earning cool cash.

How to Create Your First Content With Opera New Hub

Once you’ve signed up successfully, you will be able to log into your opera news hub dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can check your earnings, article performance and manage your account.

You can either copy and paste content from your editor/notepad or write the content from there.

With Opera New Hub editor, you can add images, links, and headings to your content.

So that’s all you need to know on how to create an account with Opera News Hub and how to create your first article on the platform.

How Are My Earnings Calculated?

The main things that affect your earnings are the impressions and clicks on your articles.

Opera News may also award you more points for high-quality content, in the sense that your content will be on display to most users thereby increasing your chances of earning.

Below is a breakdown of how you can make money on Opera News through clicks and impressions.

  • 1 click will get you a traffic bonus 0.036
  • 100 clicks will get traffic bonus 3.6
  • 1,000 clicks will get you traffic bonus 36
  • 10,000 clicks will get you traffic bonus 360₦

Opera News also offers content creators engagement bonuses. To qualify for this, your articles will need to have more than 100 engagements. For 1000 engagements you can earn as much as N1,800.

Additionally, you will also get paid for making comments and sharing posts from the platform.

To earn more on the platform, you should focus more on content that is already popular with the readers.

You can go ahead to replicate those posts on your account.

Furthermore, you should always check the performance of your content.

You can post more content similar to your best-performing articles and earn more on the platform.

Note: OperaNews hub usually updates your earnings balance within 1–2 days after all your clicks, impressions, and engagements have been verified.

In some cases, you may notice a delay. However, if you’re unable to see your updated earnings after 3 days, you should contact their support team

What If My Post Get Rejected?

OperaNewshub allows you to post literally anything on their platform, but not everything will get approved.

The site uses a review system to determine high-quality content for approval. This review system includes robots and human editors.

If your post is rejected after review, it could be likely that it contains misleading titles, clickbait titles, vulgar content, advertisement, spelling and grammar mistakes or its low-quality content.

Sometimes the post could be flagged for revision or be rejected outrightly.

If your post is rejected, you should either consider revising it or stop posting such content.

This is because Opera News has strict rules against frequent offenders and would either reduce their Conduct Point score or ban their accounts.

How Can I Get More Reach ?

Opera News utilizes an algorithm that picks only high-quality content out of all the submissions on the site.

If you want to reach more people, you will not only have to make informative content, but you will also put in the right keywords and metadata so that it appears whenever readers search for it.

Also, Opera News frowns on content with grammar and spelling mistakes and if you have such in your article, it might not be approved or get any impressions and clicks from readers.

How Do I Get Paid On Opera News Hub?

To get paid on Opera News Hub, you will have to reach the minimum threshold of 5,000 Naira.

Once your total earnings reach the minimum threshold, you can click on Withdraw Earnings in your account dashboard to withdraw the cash.

Opera News only allows you to withdraw on the 1st and 15th of each month.

When Will I Receive My Payments?

As said earlier, Opera News pays twice a month that is on the 1st and 15th of every month.

However, you might get the cash in your account at a later time.

Depending on your bank, you would end up receiving the money in about a week but the cash should appear in your Opay account as soon as it is transferred by Opera News.

How Does Opera NewsHub Pay?

Opera News pays you through Opay so you will need to have an Opay account before signing up on the platform.

While signing up, you will be required to provide the details of your Opay account so that you can receive payment once you reach the minimum threshold.

How Do I link Opera News Hub to OPay account For Opera Hub Payment

If you don’t have an OPay account, you will have to create one before you can open an account with Opera Hub.

This is because Opera Hub will request for the details to your Opay account while you’re signing up and without those details, you can’t become a writer on the platform.

To link your Opay account to Opera News Hub, simply input the phone number you opened your Opay account with in the space provided while signing up.

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How Do I Earn More With Opera News Hub

If you want to earn with Opera News Hub, then you will have to avoid posting plagiarized or copyright content.

Also, focus on writing and posting trending content that readers are already looking for and you should be able to get a lot of clicks, engagements, and impressions.

Additionally, you can focus on creating content around areas that you are familiar with. If you’re good at politics, create engaging articles on politics rather than health and fitness.

Lastly, you should always include the right keywords, metadata, and images for your content.

Ensure you choose an article thumbnail that will stand out for all your posts so that you get more reach and engagement.

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