OMG : Kizz Daniel Lost One Of His Sons [FULL STORY]

Kizz Daniel sons

Vado D’Great Astounds The World With His New Revelation, revealing that he had triplets rather than twin sons.

Kizz Daniel, a Nigerian singer who recently celebrated the birth of his twin sons, Jelani and Jalil, has revealed that his girlfriend gave birth to triplets.

This shocking revelation was made by the Yeba singer (aka Vado D’Great, Okunrin Meta) while celebrating the houses he brought for his twins.

Kizz Daniels claims that his girlfriend gave birth to Jamal, Jalil, and Jelani. However, the infant died soon after birth.

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He acknowledged that the boy’s death had been difficult for them, but he promised Jamal and Jalil that he would be the best father to his brothers.