Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko reveals what made her popular

Destiny Etiko, a popular Nollywood actress, has opened up on what brought her fame.

According to her, what she is made of, brought fame to her.

Speaking to Punch Saturday Beats, she said that having a nice shape wasn’t what made me popular, whether you’re sexy or not you have to have content. You can’t be a star because you’re pretty or fair or voluptuous.

Sex and beauty can only make people like you but for a long time, it won’t keep you there.

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Read her words;

‘’ My ‘sexiness’ didn’t give me any special privilege, although it’s an added advantage. Another thing that helped me is that I carry grace. When you have the grace to make it , no one can stop you. When you look around, there are some actors and actresses that are not fine but there is something about them that makes them successful. ’’

Speaking of her father’s recent death and her close friendship with the veteran director and actor, Pete Edochie, she said;  “I’ m not related to Pete Edochie but he ’ps like a father to me”

“He shows me much fatherly love. I was told that he had not gone out since the COVID – 19 pandemic but when I told him that I had lost my father , he came to sympathise with me”