No killer policeman will be saved – IGP address killing of innocent Nigerians

No killer policeman will be saved – IGP address killing of innocent Nigerians

Adamu Muhammad, The inspector General Of Police (IGP) has on Monday 15th 2019 address the recent killing of innocent people by Nigeria Police force,

Assuring everyone that all policemen who have been involved in such case will face the law and none will be saved,


“We are to serve members of the public; we are not their masters, we are their servants. “Recently, we have had some overzealous officers who went out of their way in the course of performing their duties; they shot a lady and she died and we felt that that is not acceptable, it is unbecoming and I had to come down to talk to officers and men to remind them of their duties and to tell them that anybody that go out of his way to commit extra-judicial killing, such a person is on his own and he has to face the wrath of the law and in this particular case, the officers that were involved have been arrested; they have been tried in our internal way of dealing with such issue and at the same time, they would be charged to court,”


Mr Muhammad who visited Lagos to see the men of the Nigeria Police to remind them of their duties also visited Governor Ambode and praised him for his support to police in his state.

“I want to thank Governor Ambode for all his support to the members of the Nigerian police in Lagos state.

Without the support of the Governor, I think the successes we recorded in the state, would not have been possible.

“The governor is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) in the state and all his policies towards fighting crime have been implemented by the Nigeria Police Force and we felt this is the time to come and thank him,” Mohammed said.

Governor Ambode also commended the IGP for making effort to promptly address the extra-judicial killings in the state personally despite his responsibilities across the country.

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Governor Ambode said : “I want to commend the IG for this visit.

Beyond the fact that this is a courtesy visit and like he has said, he is coming promptly to address the issue of extra-judicial killings that have actually taken place in the last few weeks.

“So, for the IG to come promptly himself to address issues that relate to public feelings about SARS and actually talking to the officers and men, that means he is taking the responsiveness within the Nigerian police seriously before we start to address extra issues that border on the citizens.

So, I like to commend him on that act of responsiveness and also say that it is what we should emulate in dealing with management issues that relate with our officers,”