NEWS: Pregnant wife of Edo politician is raped and murdered in Benin

Mrs. Queen Igbinevbo is reported to have died from being raped at her home in Benin, she is a pregnant wife of Comrade Promise Igbinevbo.

Mrs Igbinevbo has been attacked by unknown persons, who gained entry through the ceiling into the house, according to the report.

A source that spoke to LIB said the hoodlums were looking for her husband, Comrade Promise Igbinevbo, who is a coordinator of the campaign for the governorship. On May 20, 2020, though, when they couldn’t find him at home, they raped and murdered his wife.

The deceased ‘s body has been discovered by neighbours who were worried they didn’t see her in a while.

Our source said: “When we could not see Queen, I came to check if she was fine, because she lives alone, we met her naked, blood and foam was coming out of her mouth. There was semen all over her body.


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“We had to call her husband who is staying in another place.”

The Source also reported that a few days prior to the tragic incident, some neighbors saw strange men on the road.

Queen Igbinevbo’s rape and murder have since triggered a protest in Benin. Protestors went to Edo Police Command for justice for the deceased on Friday 5 June.