New Short Story:  Love To Tears (18+)

New Short Story: Love To Tears (18+)



🍓🍆 please you can ignore this story if you aren’t comfortable with it.


-Episode 1

“Take your money!” The passenger I dropped paid me as he dropped from the car’s back seat, I smiled. I geared the car and drove out of the place to another location, when I got to my destination I placed my leg on the break paddle and the car came to a halt.

I came down from the car and went to the back opened the booth and took a portrait of my girlfriend, I have paid an artist to do it and I have taken it before I conveyed the passenger to his location. I parked my car along Alakahia axis in Port-Harcourt, I walked into a street that isn’t tarred, since my destination isn’t far from the main road.

I push opened the gate that isn’t locked, there are many apartments that are self-contains and flats. I walked to the one I rented for my girlfriend, the more I got closer the soft m–ns became louder. I pushed open the protector and the first door isn’t locked was slightly open, I entered the room unnoticed to find my girlfriend and a boy having s-x shamelessly.

She was on him and rode him expertly like a p-nstar, the boy hands were on her br–sts. I swallowed hard as their sweaty body gleamed under the light. The portrait on my hand fell and slammed on the tiled floor as it shattered into pieces, both of them disengaged suddenly. I felt hot tears gathered in my eyes I let them flowed down my cheeks, “Angel..” I choked with those words.

“Oga, who are you?” The boy with Angel asked me, I swallowed. “Baby, I don’t know him oh, it could be one of those demented human beings that can’t spell privacy, he must be an illiterate” Angel said as her br—st heaves while she talked. I went mad at everything, I clenched my fists to beat senses into the young man but I kept quiet and walked away.

I felt the sun smiled down on me, I walked down to my car without myself. I rested my head on the steering and thought about my life.
Why me?
Am I born to suffer?
When will all these pains go away?
These were thoughts going through my mind then. I am the first born of my parents amongst two children they had, it was a hot afternoon when I ran from school to home.

I heard about rumours of ghastly accident that all the victims lost their life, I couldn’t stay back in school. I was really bothered, I was in SSS2 then. On getting to my compound I find my relatives in the compound with sad looks, they broke the news of my parents death to me.

Months later my parents were buried and burial rites were done, it didn’t take long for my relatives to lay claims to my parents properties. I fought so hard against them, they were angered that I refused letting them have anything from their late brother so they vowed never to help my sister and I, life was very tough for me.

I sold most of my parents lands and bought a bus, when I returned from school I go the park with the bus and conveyed passengers. It happened like that, I was able to utilize the money to register my kid sister’s into Junior secondary school, after I wrote waec I pulled out of school. The result came out good, but I still read, I wanted to save enough money to buy a new bus and a car to add to the one I had.

I promised myself that I will train my sister in the university, there was a day I was driving from Port-Harcourt to Ahoada, at the junction I met an angel that took my heart away. I almost killed myself if I am not skilled in driving “driver, I get pikin oh” one of the passenger said to me “who you wan use do ritual?” Most of them in the bus didn’t take it kindly with me with words, all of them dropped from the car afterwards. I came down from the bus and called the girl I saw, she was hawking pure water.

“Oga, you wan buy pure water?” She asked me as she ran to me, she was tall with wide hips, a nose that settled the shape of her face. Her hairs braided neatly showcasing the works of nature “yes, give me pure water two” I told her. She gave me the pure water and wanted to leave after I paid her “but wait, you are too beautiful to be hawking, why are you not in school?” I asked her, she smiled shyly “I have admission to study in the university, my parents alone cannot raise the money this is the only way i can support myself” she explained calmly, I took pity on her. I gave her my number to call me later.

I returned home that day, my phone rang and it was a strange number. “Hello” I said into the receiver “is me, the one you gave your number today” the voice on the other end replied “oh, I didn’t even ask of your name” I said to her “my name is Angel” she said happily. “Look Angel, I want to help you, can we meet up tomorrow?” I said into the receiver, she was quiet for awhile before she responded “yes”.

That night was the longest night in my life, I kept on tossing on my bed till the daylight came. My sister took her bath and left for school, while I prepared for work since I planned meeting her that evening.

I even planned to take her home, I couldn’t get her out of my head through out that day.





🍆🍓🍓🔞 (18+)


-Episode 2

After the day routine I drove back home all the way from Port-Harcourt rumoukoro park with passengers that are headed to Ahoada, I dropped off all the passengers in a park close to round about.

I picked up my phone and checked my time which was 7pm dot at then, I placed a call to Angel “hello” her sweet musical voice sounded out from the phone speaker “I’ll be coming to see you, please come out if I call you again after now” I said into the receiver “okay” she replied and I ended the call.

I drove down to Odieremenyi road were she lived and called her again, she didn’t pick up her phone so I waited patiently in a shop that the owner was yet to close for the day. I was discussing with the owner of the shop who is a lady when Angel’s call came, I stood up and searched around the area and saw her across the road.

She was cladded with white handless top and a skirt that stopped on her kneel area, I followed her as she crawled into the dark where there is no light. “Good evening” she greeted cheerfully shining her white teeth in the concealed area from light, “evening, how are you Angel?” I asked and she replied affirmatively. I rested my weight on the wall and looked at her intently without saying anything “why are you not saying anything?” She asked coming closer to me.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, I am madly in love with you. I want you to be my wife” I said to her, she was shocked and out of words. Immediately she flashed a quick smile at me to ease up the tension “I would have said yes because I love you too, but I really want to be educated” she expressed her desire fearlessly, I was impressed.

“I am ready to help you through out your stay in the university if you will marry me when you graduate” I told her, she shouted joyfully and jumped on me. I held her both bums with my palms as she stared deeply into my eyes, I felt love beyond man’s acknowledgement and natural circumstances what I felt is divinely arranged love. Our lips clicked and we kissed slowly as our tongue dance d the dance of Eta.

After the kiss she stood before me with tears rolling down her cheeks “I’ll never disappoint you, I’ll love you even in death. Take my virginity” she said her eyes closed, I was moved by her promise “you a virgin?” Those words stuttered out of my mouth as I realized what she just said, she nodded without opening her eyes. I cleaned her tears and smiled “open your eyes” I said to her, she did.

“Am not here for s-x, I am doing all these not because of your body but the love I have for you” I said to her, we departed that night as a happy couple. The money I had saved to buy a new bus, I gave some out of it to Angel and bought a car instead of a bus.

A week later Angel went to the campus, I didn’t allow her parents to worry about her tuition fee and accommodation fee. I helped her with money she booked a space in the school’s hostel, my sister’s junior waec was fast approaching so I paid for it. She wrote and passed when the result arrived she shouted the house roof down “brother!!! See As” Ada my kid sister said to me showing her result to me to see “you did well, in fact. I’ll cook egusi soup with goat meat and cow meat then spice it up with tilapia fish” I promised her, she was really moved as she hugs and thanked me incessantly till I prepared the soup for her and I.

My sister and I were dedicated to studies, even if I stopped schooling I do read every time I saw her read in the night. She was a bookworm and reads a lot, I have never beaten her once when it comes to who will go to bed first while we were reading.

“Hello, baby!” Angel called the fifth time on that day, she called a lot when she was away “baby, I missed you” I said into the receiver as she giggled at the other end “I missed you more, i can’t wait for the holiday to finish and return to my baby’s arms” she said. We talked about how she spent her day and I narrated what happened on the road then said our goodnight with kisses.

When the semester came to a close, Angel returned home. At this point in my life heaven faced their back on me, the person whom I gave my bus to drive had an accident and lost his life, the bus was brutally damaged, I meant it burnt completely. I was frustrated and confused at a time, so Angel visited me one of those days since she is at home. The way she normally dressed changed, more flesh were exposed unlike before but she never put on make-up on her powdered face.

Her gracious shape sent a sensual message to my groin as it responded immediately with a h—d d—k. We started kissing as I made to remove her short skirt she held me by the hand “after our marriage you could have it all to yourself” she said to me. I was furious and tempted to say something but I cooled myself with fanning myself with my shirt, she understood that I was angry “baby, are you angry?” She asked me.





🍓🍆🍓🍌 (18+)


-Episode 3

I ignored her question and continued fanning myself with my shirt “okay fine, let me suck you off” Angel said, I looked at her face sharply “what do you mean?” I asked her, little I knew about sucking then is that they are normally done by p–nstars.

“Baby, I don’t want you to be sad, you know I love you so much and am keeping myself for us for that special night, since you can’t wait. You can take me” she replied ignoring the question I asked earlier, she laid on the bed covering her face. Angel’s words touched my soul, a thought came into my mind then.

“Angel I can wait, there is something more important we should discuss” I told her, she jerked up in alarm. “What is it baby?” She asked impatiently, suddenly PHCN brought light and the heat in the room was reduced by the standing fan. “Things are hard, I won’t be able to be sending 30k to you monthly, but I’ll be sending 20k..” Angel didn’t allow me to finish what I was saying when she curt in coyly “what is the meaning of this? Oohh.. just because of s-x you want to reduce the small money you normally sent to me” she said harshly.

Angel didn’t allow me to explain to her, she left immediately. I called after her but she didn’t reply, thank God my kid sister wasn’t at home then she would have asked if I have offended her ’cause Angel is a very good girl. Angel didn’t pick any of my calls that day, I was worried I sent her messages but none of it was replied.

I got sucked up with pride, I didn’t call her for a week neither did she. I missed Angel so much that I couldn’t stay away, I went to her house one of those days and met her mother in their locally made thatch kitchen pounding fufu “oohh– my son, how are you?” Angel’s mother replied my greetings, we didn’t talk much when a baritone voice thundered all the way from the inner house “is that Victor?” Angel’s father asked his wife who responded immediately, I went inside and greeted him. We talked man to man for awhile, I dropped what I brought for them with him.

I looked around wishing Angel could surface but she didn’t so I had no choice but to ask “mama, what of Angel?” I asked her mother, the woman jovial face transformed into a surprise one all of a sudden “Angel has travel na, she didn’t tell you?” The woman asked. I was shocked by her response but I had to man up “oohh, I forgot. She did oohh mommy, you know work na” I played down her question but deep down I was boiling with anger.

I was occupied as time went on with plans on how to get a new bus, I took my younger sister to a new school since she is entering into Senior Secondary.

I wasn’t having enough amount of money to procure a new bus, I decided to buy second new. The day I was supposed to send money to Angel past, I didn’t send anything to her ’cause of my strenuous activities. I decided I’ll do it the next day, the east west road from Port-Harcourt to Ahoada was heavily secured by unwanted police officers standing on road blocks.

I knew without been told that it was normally eight road blocks on the way so I took exactly eight hundred naira and drove to Port-Harcourt, on the way it exceeded my expectations “oga, park for there” the police man instructed me when I tried to beg him to allow me drive through, I gave him the money and I wasn’t in a good mood at all ’cause I didn’t make anything from the journey, I spent the remaining money on fuel when the officer allowed me to drive through the road block.

I returned home moody and not doing most of the plans I planned that day, after I was done bathing my phone rang and the caller ID was my baby which is Angel.

I picked up the phone and said hello into the receiver “sweetheart, what did I do to you? This one you don’t even call to check up on your baby anymore?” Angel said with the most soothing voice of the day, I felt guilty all of a sudden “am sorry, my love. Is just that you refused picking my calls” I explained myself, she pleaded for forgiveness, and we said our normal goodnight.

The next day I sent Angel some money, I didn’t suspect that she simply called me because of the money I normally sent to her every Month. Heaven’s smile returned, I was making a lot of money from my car and the driver I gave the bus I bought.

Angel’s results were good as she sent her first semester result to me, I was really proud of her. Her birthday was the next day, so I decided to surprise her on her good result and also wish her a great Happy birthday.

I love brilliant girls, I sent her extra twenty thousand naira that Month and drove to her school. I called Angel out and gave her a new Android phone I bought for her, she came out with her friend so I took both of them out for a special treat. Angel’s friend looks sophisticated, I was told that she came from a wealthy family.

After our meal “Angel, your boyfriend is leaving. Are you not taking him to the studio for your birthday shoot?” Her friend Hannah asked, Angel never said anything of birthday pictures. I was surprised.




🍓🍌🍆🍆🔞 (18+)


-Episode 4

“Haba Hannah, don’t you see my baby is in haste, even without his pictures. He is always in my heart, his smile and his cute face always keeps me going” Angel replied and came closer to me, our lips clicked and we shared our first public kiss. It felt so good, but I had an awkward feeling, I haven’t done that openly before.

“I go love oohh” Hannah said and we all laughed, I left the girls after they said their goodbyes.

Things began to change, Angel hardly called me except a new Month wants to start, which simply means send me money. Sometimes she won’t pick my calls or if she do, her mood will be very dull “Angel, I don’t understand you anymore. What is going on?” I had to complain to her on the phone when the madness is too much “baby, am sorry. Is just school stress, and my room mates are complaining about our night calls” she replied.

I had no choice but to believe her, but one thing is certain our only communication is on calls. Am not really interested in social media like Facebook and others. Angel returned home for the section, I was very happy that I couldn’t help myself from singing all over the house. I was in love really intoxicated by Angel’s love.

Angel wears are more seductive than before, there is a day she wore a gown that I could clearly make out the outlines of her panties, I was really worried. Hannah came visiting with Angel and took special liking on Ada my kid sister, they were like twin. Ada normally used my phone to communicate with her, I suspected that Hannah liked me.

Hannah talks raw, one of those days she came visiting “Ada, you are a very beautiful girl, when your butts gets bigger boys will start chasing you like mad” she said and everyone laughed except me I was worried on the kind of influence she had on Ada.

I sat Ada down that night when they have left “my heart, the only sister and family I have. Will you hide things from me?” I asked Ada, we both sat in a dark sitting room “no, brother why will I?” She replied me sharply with a question, I exhaled happily “so what is going on?” I pressed further to actually know if she has a boyfriend. “Aunty Hannah told me that your girlfriend is cheating on you” Ada told me without knowing the question I asked of.

I was held at gun point that night, I was really unhappy. I kept on tossing on my bed, but I let that thought go cause I suspected Hannah said that to Ada as an act of jealousy, Angel can never cheat on me. One thing that gave me joy is that my sister vowed not to have a boyfriend without letting me know him.

Angel’s year 1 result was out and her grade was at 3.8, I was really proud of her. We went out a night like that just her and me, I was surprised when Angel took two bottles of beer without being drunk. I couldn’t hold back my surprise that Christmas night “when do you start drinking alcohol?” I asked her, she smiled at me “our lecturer once told us is good for the body shape, can’t you see how am adding up for you and you alone” she said and cupped my cheeks, I giggled like a boy that was given ice cream.

That year ended, I paid Angel’s school fees and wanted to book an accommodation for her in the school hostel in the year that followed but she objected “baby, please don’t oh. I really need a place where we can spend time together. anytime I wants to call you my room mates will be talking and their are lots of lesbians there. I am scared oh, before someone will come and take my virginity with her fingers” Angel told me the day I told her about my plans, I had no choice but to rent an apartment closed to the school compound for her.

Angel hardly comes home on weekends unlike before, she doesn’t call and anytime I complained she will blame wicked lecturers and school stress. Hannah came to our house to spent several weekends with us, we became good friends I and Hannah. She calls more “so Vic, if I don’t call you won’t bother to call your naughty baby” she will say in a playful sad tone “ah ah, why won’t I call my miss universe, my sweet potato” I teased her. Hannah and I called each other everyday, Hannah was the other girl in my life that took away the pains and jealous Angel caused me.

I visited Angel in her apartment and saw her cladded in bumshort and crop top, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was so turned on that I couldn’t take my mind off her body the day I came to drive her home for the end of the semester, I initiated a kiss and Angel and I kissed hungrily, I carried her to the bed and kissed from her face down to her stomach. She held me when I wanted to unbutton her bumshort “what is it, baby. Am not ready yet” she told me, I didn’t take it kindly “Angel, what do you mean by that? You are not ready for me. Am dying to have you” I said with a high tone “if you are done barking like a dog, use the door” Angel replied me rudely.

I threatened never to call or do anything for her hoping that Angel will change her mind and beg, or calm me down. She didn’t even looked as if I existed right in front of life, I went home dejected. The moment I reached home, Hannah changed my mood. She spent the first semester break in my house, I was really easily turned on then ’cause of the excessive cold. We were left alone i and Hannah in the house, so she came to my room to gist with me.

Hannah is so beautiful, didn’t know what got into my head and we started kissing. Angel didn’t call or even bothered to come to the house so I was startled and panicked when a knock landed on the door “kpo! Kpo! Kpo!” We both tensed, “who is that?” I asked.




LOVE TO TEARS🍆🍓🍓🍓🔞 (18+)


-Episode 5

“Is me, brother” my younger sister at the door replied, I exhaled a relief sigh. Ada and Hannah left afterwards, Hannah left her phone behind. I took it and went in search of her to hand it over to her, but she left with Ada to town.

Since, her phone wasn’t locked I scrolled through her gallery and started seeing her pictures, but pictures of Angel with a boy shocked me. I transferred the picture to my phone, I was restless that night. I kept on tossing on my bed till the next morning when tiredness took me to dreamland, I decided to beg for forgiveness even if what Angel did by sending me out of the house I rented with my own hard earned money was wrong.

Hannah stay was a good thing, she buys everything in the house. I was saving heavily, the next day I visited Angel but was told she has travelled back to school for second semester that will start after the next day. I was disturbed and I called her “hello, baby!” I said into the receiver “hello, honey” she replied dryly, her voice devoid of enthusiasm and happiness “Angel, I don’t understand you anymore oh. Why are you rushing to go to school, are you going there to meet your new boyfriend?” I said harshly “rubbish!” She replied and hissed then ended the call.

I was shocked and angered, my senses were not in their right positions that day, everything irritated me. I would have just ignored her totally, but I decided against it because I so much love Angel. When her birthday came at the beginning of the new Semester, I went to an artist to paint a portrait of her to appease her. I find Angel with a another boy.

I sobbed as my head remained on the car’s steering, after sometimes I drove straight home ignoring all the police officers greetings on the road that leads to Ahoada. When I got home, Ada wasn’t at home. I lay miserably on my bed and cried out my pains.

I didn’t do anything that day but kept on looking at my phone if Angel will call to say sorry, but she never did. I couldn’t eat or drink water, I stayed miserably on a position. Ada came to beg me to eat something but I didn’t say a thing to her “brother, do you want to kill yourself? There are many girls out there dying for you? You want to die because of a girl, please eat something” she said crying with tears.

“You won’t understand Ada, Angel is my life. The only girl that I have ever loved” I said crying, we cried like we had lost someone special to the cold hands of death that night. The next morning, a thought of killing myself came to my mind.

I wake up as early as 4am and walked to the river, it wasn’t too far from where I lived popularly called Ahoada river. The last time I went swimming I nearly drowned if my friends didn’t come to my aid. I vowed never to go close to the river in my life, so I didn’t know how to swim at all.

I wore slippers so I just removed it and walked into the river, as I proceed the river kept on matching my height until I dive in. I didn’t move for sometimes I allowed the water to move me to the deep side, as I was taking too much water. I struggled for my dear life, all of a sudden something pushed me out of the water.

I appeared on the shore not knowing or understanding how I got there, I wore my slippers as people were coming to the river in their numbers. I went home and saw Hannah and Ada, worriedly waiting for me. They rushed at me at once and hugged me, “where did you go to? Angel told me about it” Hannah said, I almost cried at the mention of her name. “Forget about her, she doesn’t deserve you” Hannah said hugging me tight, I could feel the heat in her body “tell am oh” my sister retorted.

Ada went to school leaving me and Hannah at home, she came to my room and we chatted happily. I forgot all about Angel suddenly “do you want her to come back to you?” Hannah asked me, I nodded. I still love Angel even if she cheated on me “then attend polytechnic na, is just two years and you will have a higher certificate” Hannah suggested. She even promised that she will help me too.

As time went on, I fell in love with Hannah and forgot everything about Angel, I saved a lot of money and I picked the form of a certain Polytechnic in Port-Harcourt at the end of that year. Angel didn’t call neither did I, but I still felt pained. I and Hannah became a couple that year, Hannah is a lioness on bedmatic, she came visiting a night like that when I secured admission, and told me she wants to give me a surprise package.

We sat in my room when it was night gisting about the surprise she said she wants to give me “go and off the light, first na” she said when I was asking curiously about it “what kind of surprise that demands offing of light” I replied, she only laughed and said I should just do it, that I’ll love the surprise, I was still a saint then.





LOVE TO TEARS🍓🍆🍆🍌 (18+)


-Last Episode

After offing the light I walked like a blind man to the bed, “Hannah, where are you?” I asked in the dark room struggling to see her figure. I was scampering around the bed with my hand when it came in contact with flesh “yes, sq—ze it” Hannah said breathing heavily.

I did as I was instructed, I climbed the bed with my d—k. Her bare body clung to me as we kissed slowly, I kissed her slowly from lips down to her breasts. She held my head and lower it further down to her nether “I can’t” I mumbled as I smelt her pussy scent, she giggled and raised my face to her face and we kissed again, I unclad myself and lower my lips on her nipples and started sucking “ah, ah, yes– baby” she moaned.

I lower my hard d—k deep inside her w-t p–sy and thr—sted in, we went on and on till we ended it in four rounds. I slept off immediately, Hannah is so full of energy. I woke up to see her on me in the morning smiling “this your dick ehnn” she said teasing the head with her finger, I smiled. She already brought breakfast, we ate together feeding each other.

We moved to Port-Harcourt, I and my sister. We moved to mile 3, I started attending lectures while I changed my sister’s school. After lecture for the day I’ll go about my transportation business. Life was good with Hannah, I couldn’t sleep a day without hearing from Hannah. She came visiting time to time,
I graduated after completing my two years programme and Hannah also graduated, Ada entered the university. I wrote an NIS recruitment examination and I was recruited into Nigeria Immigration Service.

I didn’t hear from Angel again, I saved my salary and bought many buses. I gave it to drivers who pays me everyday, I was able to build a house. I took Hannah out to the beach, we walk bare footed talking beside the shore.

“Your eyes as blue as the sea,
sends shiver down to my spine
Spirits witness as I confess
My undying love, will you marry me Hannah?”

I said kneeling before her, she started shedding tears of joy.

“Yes, yes, I’ll marry you” she replied, I placed the ring on her finger as she hugged me so tight. . I posted it on social media that night, I even uploaded a love up picture of me and Hannah.

I was about retiring for the day when Angel called me, I didn’t pick at first but the calls still persist “yes, what do you want?” I said angrily into the receiver “Vic, I know you are angry with me. And am sor…” I cut her off “young lady go straight to the point am very busy” I snapped angrily at her.

“Vic, am sorry for all I have done to you, please don’t marry Hannah, she is a devil” Angel said, I was so angry that I ended the call immediately and blacklisted her phone number. We went ahead and planned our marriage, Angel was everywhere begging me not to marry Hannah. I ignored her madness, we got married and we returned home that night to travel out of the country.

“Welcome, home” Angel said smoking with a gun, I was scared at the extend of Angel actions but Hannah was unmoved. “What is the meaning of this, Angel?” I asked standing at the centre of the sitting room scared to heart. “You should redirect that question to your wife beside you” she told me pointing the gun at Hannah.

I looked at Hannah she was silent, Angel threatened to shoot her if she didn’t say anything “Vic, she was the one who made me lost my virginity, she made me love alcohol and sex, she gave me that boyfriend that made my life miserable, thanks to this gun I killed him after he destroyed my womb” Angel said crying, I was confused. Hannah was silent she didn’t say anything “is it true” I asked Hannah who stood beside me without saying a word “go to hell” Angel said and shot her.

“No…” I shouted, and ran to the fallen body of Hannah that was bleeding “my love wake up” I cried shedding tears, I heard another gun shot. I looked up at Angel who has shot herself in the stomach “I’ll always love you Vic, find happiness” that was what Angel said as she fell on the floor and her ghost left her.

I cried out my eyes as I called the station.

That night was a night that I’ll never forget. The night I have loved two girls to tears.

The End





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