MOVIE : MA Clear Shot (2019)

MA Clear Shot (2019)

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Director : Nick Leisure

Stars: Mario Van Peebles , Mandela Van Peebles , Jessica Meza

Runtime: 1 h 27 min

Release Year :2019

Language: English

File Size: 311 MB

A famous electronic store is erupting into confusion as four young Vietnamese gunmen storm bear armed premises.

Which started out as a regular shopping day rapidly turns into the biggest hostage crisis in US history to this very day.

Rick Gomez, a former hostage negotiator for Sacramento Police isn’t stranger to tense situations requiring a cool head.

He learns very quickly that his job is not only to talk down the gunmen and keep the people secure inside,

but also to juggle an aggressive Sheriff’s politics and trigger happy SWAT leader.


The gunmen ‘s leader, Loi, understands inside the store that he has his own pieces of chess to move about.

He wouldn’t hurt anybody but his loose cannon brother Long is another matter.

He’s itching for blood and unless Loi can get them their demands,

including a large sum of money and transportation back to native Vietnam, events with the hostages could spiral out of hand.

With potentially deadly aftermath. What lies ahead .

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