#Extraction: The Russo Brothers invites Ikorodu bois to their next movie

The social media sensation, Ikorodu Bois, was requested by the Hollywood directors, Anthony and Joseph Russo, also called Russo’s brother, to be a special guests at ‘EXTRACTION 2″ following the viral remodeling of the ‘EXTRACTION’ trailer.

For the renovation of scenes from famous music videos and Hollywood films, Ikorodu Bois became very popular. Scene after scene is recreated from shows like the Bad Boys for Life and the Money Heist and others by using only household items.

The latest video from the Ikorodu Bois is a reproduction of the original Netflix film ‘EXTRACTION,’ starring Chris Hemsworth. The video, that has been viral, attracted the attention of writers of the film, The Russo Brothers, with over 1.5 million views on tvitter.

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Reacting to the video, they wrote: “This is awesome! We would love to have you guys at the Extraction 2 premiere…DM us and we’ll get you there!”


The Ikorodu Bois — brothers Muiz Sanni, 15, Malik Sanni, 10, and their 13-year-old Cousin Fawas Aina — has become sensations for Instagram by daily homework to recreate millions of dollars of Hollywood music videos and film trailers, shot after shot.