Mel G Ready To Launch Fit Esteem Lifestyle App

Los Angeles based singer, fitness coach and entrepreneur Mel G has informed of her plans to launch a fitness & wellness app in the coming months. She revealed that the app will be a fitness and lifestyle app as well as market place where both fitness enthusiasts and trainers can subscribe to her fitness plans, work out routines and health food recipes.

Mel G said that the app which is currently in the research and development stages, will enter beta testing by the end of June 2021. “There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a dedicated platform where they can access simple but effective work out and fitness routines and healthy food recipes and schedules that will yield visible results.

Mel G said her app will be different from this other apps out there because it will be a community style app where anyone can read and also receive tips from other subscribers on their fitness journey while being able to ask questions. She said subscribers will also have the opportunity to meet up with other users at specific gyms to work out as a group for those who find it difficult working out alone. It will also connect those looking for personal trainers/coaches with trainers in their neighborhood. She said lots of people don’t know how or where to start, so this app is to help some start up by pointing them in the right direction.

Mel G said the app will afford subscribers the chance to track their daily progress and also show off their journey so far and be awarded badges and privileges as a way of motivating them. She said the app will make it easy for any registered user to connect with other enthusiasts globally to share recipes and/or routines.