#JusticeForJennifer : 5 boys gang R*pe 18 years old girl [Full Story + Video]

#JusticeForJennifer : 5 boys gang R*pe 18 years old girl

#JusticeForJennifer is now a trend as 5 boys aledgely R*pe an 18 year old girl

According to #JusticeForJennifer trend, the girl who was rpe goes by the name “Jennifer” and hasn’t been the same since 5 boys gnged raped her.

However, Two of the boys have been apprehended while they’re still searching for the remaining.

The incident happened in Kaduna about 2 weeks ago and the parents have been offered 30,000 naira to let the case slide.

Jennifer was invited over by the guys who are her friends, on arriving there, she was drugged with an alcohol called “Thunder & r*ped afterwards.

When the guys were done with their evil act, they called a friend of hers to come pick her up because she has been sleeping.


On getting home, she was giving 4 drips so as to regain consciousness .

It was said that the girl now has mental issues as she’s behaving strange.

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There’s rumor around that the two in custody will be bailed soon.

Watch a short video after the incident below: