“It came while taking my bath…” Tope Alabi on composing Ibidun Ighodalo’s tribute song (Video)

Tope Alabi, a very popular gospel artist who released a song that recalled Ibidunni Ighodalo, a day before, opened up how the Holy Spirit influenced her.

The late Ibidunni Ighodalo, 39 years old, died on Sunday from a heart arrest at her hotel room in Port Harcourt, according to Entmediahub news.

Tope Alabi said in an interview on Saturday Beats:

“The late Pastor Ibidunni Ighadalo was a very wonderful woman of God. I met her at her husband’s church and I hugged her and when I did that, I felt the spirit of God telling me that she’s an angel. I never knew she was going to leave us soon but I just loved her spirit and have been going (since then) to the church for ministration.

“She was so respectful that you couldn’t tell that she was such a ‘big’ woman. She was very humble. My fondest memory of the late Ibidunni was her beautiful and smiling face. From her face, you could see her beautiful heart.


‘’When I heard that she had died, I was so down because I couldn’t hold down the emotions.  For hours, I was devastated; her death was a big blow. My husband had a headache throughout that day. By the second day, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to do a tribute for her. I asked myself whether people would like the idea and if she was not too young. Many questions ran through my mind. But because it was the Holy Spirit that gave me the directive, I couldn’t say no.

“I wondered how it would sound in the ears of people. The Holy Spirit brought the song to me while I was taking my bath; he gave me the song as a whole. I couldn’t sit down to think about a song because I was still down. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful tribute in honour of her. I know the tribute was not a mistake at all. I believe so strongly that what God told me when I met her was the truth. She was an angel; God doesn’t make mistakes. It is not the physical things that we see that matter. His ways are not our ways.”

The singer said the death of Ibidunni was a recall of a fulfilled life for everyone.

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Watch and listen to the song;