Instagram comedian OkikiDFT dragged for scamming an upcoming Artist 150k

Okikidft scamming 150k


Fast rising Instagram Comedian OkikiDFT is currently being called out for scamming an Artist 150k

Okiki has been in the industry for a while now and is popularly known for his funny facial expression.

The actor/Comedian was paid 150,000 naira by an Artist to make a Thriller skit video in other to promote song and it challenge on Thriller.

However after agreement and payment made, Okiki refused to deliver as he promised and as now refused replying to the accusers messages.

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Damilare Makanaki is the compliant, and his words were :

I’ve been on Twitter since 2012 and I’ve not gotten into any form of altercation with anyone

but this guy @Okiki_Dft has tried my patience enough and I guess this is the best way to sort this.

I’m sorry if this thread is long but please just follow through and help me get my money back from @Okiki_Dft

Okay, so last week Saturday (11th of July 2020) I contacted @Okiki_Dft (CEO GNF Merch)

through a friend to make a triller video for the song FANCY by my artist @elenuShuga

We discussed on the phone and he agreed on a fee of One hundred and fifty thousand naira (#150,000) which I paid in full almost immediately.

I explained to @Okiki_Dft that his video was supposed to kick start a triller challenge for the song.

The triller challenge was supposed to start today Friday (17th of July 2020)

and he promised I’ll have the video 2 days after payment (Monday, 13th of July 2020).

I didn’t contact him until 3 days after payment just to give him enough time to make the video

but all efforts to reach @Okiki_Dft to deliver the video has proved abortive.

I’ve reached out to @Okiki_Dft in all possible ways, he keeps ignoring my messages on Instagram.

Right now I don’t even need the video again

I just need my Money back (One hundred and Fifty thousand Naira) from @Okiki_Dft since he has decided to be like this with his business.

He’s friends with @sydney_talker and he has been posting on his IG page and story

So please @Okiki_Dft pay me back my money. I don’t need your video again. The industry itself is hard enough already and you want to rip me off.