How To Design Your Own Invitation Video For An Upcoming Event

Invitation Video

Here’s A Guide On How To Design Your Own Invitation Video For An Upcoming Event

Hosting a successful event or a party is the goal for every person who decides to have a gathering.

Be it a gathering for family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, or any other group of people. This party can be a birthday party, a party for a festival or an annual gathering that you might hold every year.

To make the party different, the host tries a bunch of things. These could range from unique decorations and jazzing up the venue according to the theme, looking for fun activities for the guests to indulge in, to completely transforming the menu according to the current trends.

No matter what it is, a lot of hard work goes into planning a party and making it stand out among your guests.


Everyone attends a lot of parties, and for your event to be a step ahead from the others is a challenging task. Everything has to be new and original, planned meticulously.

Invitation Video

Since there is a growing need for new and original, why not start being original from the very first step itself?

The first thing to do is to invite everyone. What if we tell you that this, too, can be done in a unique way?

Yes, that’s right.

By using video invitations, not only will your invite be engaging, but it will also be etched into the minds of your guests for a long time.

You can use this online free invitation maker offered by InVideo to do the same. Here are a few steps that you can follow and make the perfect invitation for your event.

Step 1: Choose a Template

When you go to the website, you can find a plethora of templates available to make different sorts of videos. These templates range from wedding invitations, events, parties, videos for brand promotions to videos for personal use.

Since you are planning an event, you can choose the event option.

Here you can find more than 150 templates of events right from music events, baby showers, mountain bike events, birthday parties, and wedding invitations.

If you browse well, there are high chances that you, too, will find a template that works best for your event.

What’s more, these templates come in different formats as well.

Square, rectangle, and vertical are some of them. Depending on where you want to upload the video or send it, you can select the appropriate format and start editing there.

Step 2: Choose Images and Other Media

Once you have selected a template, a new window will open where you can see the template and a few other options to edit the video further.

This window will look much like any video editor you might have seen, only it is simpler to use.

On the far left, you will see an array of options to perform different tasks. Here, you will find images. Using this option, you can edit and tweak the video according to your convenience by adding images and other media like an extra video to the existing template.

You can use the images available here but also upload some from your own personal collection to enhance the invitation and make it more personal. You can put these images in between the video and also insert self-recorded videos in the template.

Step 3: Enter Some Text

While you should try to keep most of your content visual since this is a video and people won’t prefer reading too much, but clearly stating a few important details always helps.

For eg., you can choose to put in important details like the date, venue, time, and theme of the event in a small text at the end of the video. Sure, mention it in your video as well but also include a slide that specifies it clearly.

You can do this and add other details that you feel are important by using a font and style that match the tone of your video. Next, use different colors and sizes and play around with different formats to see which one works best for your videos.

Step 4: Jazz It Up With Some Music

Surely if it is an invitation video, you would want to make it interesting and not bland. Adding a music piece into your video, no matter how subtle, will always make your video more impactful.

The music in the video will set the tone for your whole invitation, and perhaps your event too.

So, choose music wisely and cut and trim it according to your own preference. You can adjust the volume of the music in the video as well.

There are many music options available on the website itself that can most probably fulfill your requirements.

But even then, you have the option to upload your own music, just like with images. This music can be something you have downloaded or created on your own and want to incorporate it in your invitation.

Step 5: Finish Up With Some Effects And Enhancers

InVideo’s most unique feature is its effects and enhancers.

These can be put in between videos as fillers or effects to the side to make the video more interesting and give it some final finishing touches. This makes InVideo one of the best video maker online.

These effects include confetti, hearts, explosions, and smoke within which there are multiple options to choose from.

You are sure to find one that is appropriate for your video. These effects and enhancers will make your video look professional.

They will also help show the effort that has been made to bring the video together, and this will cause them to remember your invitation as something different from any other invitation they might have seen.


The above steps are just a basic guide for you to follow while making a video and editing it. There are many other editing tools available on the internet that you can try to use to make your video the talk of the town.

Not only is this free invitation maker software easy to use for a beginner as well as an amateur, it is also a very modern and tech-savvy way to approach the art of making an invitation, one that perhaps nobody in your social circle has tried before.

It might take a few tries, but once you are accustomed to it, you will not prefer making invitations any other way.