Hot New Story: My Crazy But Erotic Romance (18+) Episodes 1 – 10

Hot New Story: My Crazy But Erotic Romance (18+) Episodes 1 – 10

🔞 my crazy but erotica romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry

Episode 1


“Grin grin” “Argh” I fell with a thud
Stupid alarm I cursed and stood lazily heading to the bathroom

Gotta prepare for work
Oh sorry I haven’t introduced my self.

Am skyler gray, youngest billionaire around.
At 24

Shock right?

The only daughter among three children of mr Williamson gray, world fifth richest man.

When it comes to looks am hot, beautiful

Every man’s dream girl, I can make your husband or boyfriend bow at my feet with just a wink. But too bad I don’t want any man in my life

They are. All after my money.

Talk about rude, sassy and proud am right there.

Now enough of me for now.

I need a new assistant today,

I fired my assistant yesterday for spilling coffee on my designer shoes

will be conducting an interview today

Not that I care tho I just need an assistant.

I got into my fancy bathroom and relax into my jacuzzi inhaling the sweet apple scent.

Moments later I was clad in a short white straight gown that stopped just before my knees and a silver stilettos

I walked down the stairs my maids had assemble to greet me which I care less about

“Good morning ma”am they all chorus

But I ignored them and walked straight to the dinning area

My maids already served my breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon my favorite breakfast tho.
I live alone with just the maids tho.

“Your express coffee ☕️ ma’am” my chief maid said handing it to me

I just took it without looking at it

After eating I catwalked to my Bentley 2018 model before zooming out of my mansion.

😎davis monteiro 😎

Sweet mother of Madagascar!! Am so late for my interview,
I yanked the blanket off my naked body before running to get dressed.

Am Davis monteiro, an average boy in the cold city of la’s Vegas.

Age 27 am not a rich but am comfortable,
I stay alone in my two bedroom flat.

While my family are in seetle city.

I needed to look for a job in order to strive to success.

Talk about looks am smoking hot,
Am the sexiest man around.

Girls go gaga when they see me,
I have cute small lips like that of a lady and hazel eyes too

Total player, I use and dump birches on daily basis.

Enough information about me,

I hurrily got dressed in a black plain jeans and a white button shirt and some leather shoes.

I had to look my best because I had the CEO of gray industry is mean, rude and doesn’t tolerate untidy ness.

Wouldn’t wanna give a first bad impression about me,

I grabbed breakfast in a hurry, gulp down my latte before running out, I flagged down a cab almost immediately

“Gray industry ” I said to the driver who only nod

Minutes later I was standing infront gray industry admiring the magnificent building

That I didn’t noticed some one was at my front.

I bumped into her,,

Should I continue???




🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry

❤❤Chapter 2❤❤


“Oh uh”

What have done!! I just wish the earth would open and swallow me up.

“And who is this clumsy fool, how dare you touch me ” she said in terrors while other workers we’re busy whispering to themself

Am down for today.

“I’m so… Sorry ma’am it was an accident ” I stammered

“Accident huh! Hope you not one of my staff cause you fired, how dare y, u low lives, clumsy idiots like you don’t deserve to be or working in company. Now get lost ” she said rudely before walking away.

I was hurt by her words, who the hell does she think she is

I didn’t even know how or when I ran after her and stopped right in front of her.

” look here madam CEO or whatever you call your fucking self, you have little or no right to talking to me like that, just because you rich and famous doesn’t mean I show bow down and praise you like a god” I said angrily

Everyone gasps

The look on her face was that of terror but I care less I need to give all of them a piece of my mind.

“You may have all the money and all that stuff but two things you can never get in your life is love and a heart. Ice queen that’s what you are” I said boldly even though deep down and damn scared but I just need to give her a piece of my mind

“How dare you!! Try to insult me in my own company you incompetent fool” she yelled.

“Yeah but this incompetent fool is better than you ice queen ” I said

“Security get this nobody out of company asap and don’t ever let in into my company ever again” she said with fury in her eyes

“No need to call your dogs am leaving already ”

“Ever heard of quitting before starting? Because that’s what am gonna do now.
I QUIT!! ice queen ” I said showing her my middle fingers before walking out.

She just killed my vibe right now

I need a good fuck to calm my nerves


What the hell??

did he just??

No no did he just say that to my face??

I looked around and noticed all my employee were whispering to each other.

“Get to work or you wanna stand there and gossip all through ” I yelled making them scatter like kids.

I stormed off to my office In anger.

Never in my life had anyone dare look me in the face and say shits.

The last person that tried that was shot dead by me talk more of this clumsy fool.

Am gonna deal with him, he is gonna regret ever knowing skyler gray.

Somehow his words really got to me

Am I really a ice queen??

Whatever I dont care what people think of me they are just jealous of my success.

I picked up his files and dial my private investigator’s number, he picked on the second ring.

📞good day madam he said from the other end
📞i didn’t call for your greetings ” I said rudely
📞 sorry ma’am

📞sorry for your self, I need you to look into Davis monteiro. Want all the details tonight I said

📞roger that madame ”
. 📞good” I ended the call

Davis monteiro You just messed with the wrong person

Am gonna make you bow down to me I promise you.

😎😎davis 😎😎

I got to my flat really pissed, I wanted to fuck so badly so I put a call across to Natasha one of my whores..

Came out of the shower only to see Natasha unclad in my bed waiting for me.

This is just what I was looking for.

she stood up and catwalk towards me

“Davis baby have missed you and your beast “she said seductively grabbing hold my dick. which my dick responded to.

I drew her close and crashed my lips on hers hungrily. Fumble and nibbled on it

I left her lips and attacked her cute pointed nipple.

Sucking her boobs while my hand was fondling with the other one.

She moan and tugged on my hair
“Ugh” she moaned out loud.

I lifted her from the ground with her both legs rapped around my torso

Dropped her on the bed while trailing kisses from her neck down to her belly button, made sure I left some hickeys on her need.

“Suck me baby” she whispers sweetly into my ears
” with pleasure bitch”
I trailed kisses all the way to her well shaved pussy,
You know what happened next😉😉😉





🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry

💖chapter 3💖


My private investigator found some info on the guy that tried to step on my toes earlier on.
He should be here any minute to fill me up on his info before I think of the best way to deal with him.
Just as I thought he came right away.

“Good day madam ” he bow slightly
I only nodded telling him to go straight to the point.

“According to what have gathered about him
Name:davis king monteiro
Number one player
Age 28
Feiho monteiro is his father
Valerie monteiro is his mother
Currently looking for a job as a personal assistant
He stays at Collins street 3flat on the right.

“Wait did you say feiho monteiro? I asked unable to believe my ears
“Yes ma’am that’s his picture over there
“Good gracious I can’t believe my eyes that arrogant jerk is the son of my fathers friend, unbelievable.
This sure is gonna get interesting and have got the perfect plan. Nobody insults me and get away with it never not even a family friend

I need to pay the fool a visit have a preposition for him

I took my car keys and catwalk to my ride

😎😎davis 😎😎

You know what happened next,

I teased her pussy lips for a while making wiggle holding on to my hair pretty tight.

Sucked her clit like the pro I was, she was busy making funny sounds that I don’t understand. “Urgh oh shit am Cumming she said” as max organism came splashing 💦 right at my face but ain’t done yet. “You want to feel me deep into you yeah? I said with lustful eyes.
“Yes yes fuck me to hell baby ” she said more like a whisper.

Not yet I wanna torture her alittle with my beast, I use my dick to rub her pussy entrance but I didn’t penetrate just yet I want her to say my name first..

“Say my name bitch! I spank her ass making her moan in pleasure.
“Davis” she moan out
“Beg me to fuck you bitch” I said with a grin
“Yes please fuck me please ” she begged.

I put her two legs on my broad shoulders before thrusting into her,. It was slow at first but later increase the tempo, I know she is loving it,,..

She was moaning like the whore she was

“Oh hit, yeah fuck me harderrrr” he moaned.

Am gonna fuck you till you beg for more
I added more speed thrusting into her pussy hole roughly till she starting begging me to stop but ain’t done yet.

“Turn around bitch I wanna fuck your ass” I commanded

She turned with shaky legs but I care less just wanna fuck.

I spanked her ass repeatedly making her moan out loud..

I kept thrusting deep into her ass hole till pee on her body..

I could feel my cum building up so I pulled my dick outta her ass and inserted it in her pussy hole, fucking her with full speed till she fainted

that was when my cum came out with a blast.

“Stupid bitch”I cursed and entered the bathroom to clean myself up.

Came out later clad in shorts, she was no where to be found not that I care tho

I don’t feel pity for ladies, mine is fuck the hell outta them and dump their stupid ass.

Am this way because of what one of their breed did to me.

I jugged downstairs to the kitchen am famished, and tired too

I don’t think I can prepare a meal instead let me order kacy’s pizza.

After ordering for pizza I sat down on the couch in my mini sized living watching Netflix. The pizza guy came and left.

Later on another knock disrupted my thought I wonder who is that cause am not expecting anyone today.




🔞my crazy and erotica romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry

❤❤chapter 4❤❤


Who could that be?

I went to the door only to see ice queen at my door step.

“Well well well if it isn’t ice queen ” I said sarcastically

“Haa your jokes ain’t funny dude” she said like the proud peacock she is

“Cut the chase will you? ”

“Okay let me in first ” she said

I ushered her into my flat, I can’t wait to hear what she has to say tho.

“Hmm nice place you gat here “she said making herself comfortable on the couch

“I will take that as a compliment ” I said nonchalantly..

“Without wasting much time let me go straight to the point as to why am here.

“Okay? I said with folded arms

“I guess you know am skyler gray huh, and you know nobody fuck with me and go Scot free,

“So this is how its gonna be, I have a preposition for you which is gonna interest you” she said proudly

“And which is?? I asked curiously

” I want you to act like my fiancee for sometime and you can still be my personal assistant, also you gonna get triple double pay from me” she said dryly

“😨 huh? Are you sure you alright “I asked to be sure of what I heard.

“I will give you time to think about it in the mean time here is my card, call me if you made your decision ” she said cat walking outta my side leaving me speechless

I must confess she is hot tho ion mind fucking her right here on the floor

😊😊skyler 😊😊

“I will give you time to think about it in the mean time here is my card, call me if you made your decision ” i said cat walking outta my side leaving him speechless

Why am I feeling happy about having this rude jerk close me,

He is drop dead cute tho

Somehow I felt curious about what his answer is gonna be.

Argh sky stop this! Remember you don’t care about men, you don’t need them in your life.

Sincerely davis has been on my mind since our little encounter

You falling sky my subconscious mind told me.

No never I can’t fall for that clumsy fool

He is not my class.

I really hope he gives me a call

But wait am I truly falling for davis?






🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒


💖💖chapter 5💖💖


I woke up the following day with what that ice queen said still ringing in my head.

I’m kinda confused though I really need that cash but acting as somebody’s fiancee is outta the league

Just need to think this through
I dragged my lazy self to the bath tub
To do my manly stuff..

Today is Friday!! Am hitting the club 💃💃💃 wanna get laid

I came out clad in black sweat pants and a body hug shirt revealing my abs.

Wanna go for my regular morning walk at the park.

I took my water bottle and walked outta my apartment


Another beautiful morning for a beautiful queen like me, wanna go for a jogg at the park today.
Positive vibes all the way

Took a quick shower and clad in pink sweat pants 👖and a white crop top, and pink sneakers.
I jogged all the way to the park, other people were also workout too.
I plugged my earphone and started jogging around the park when I collided with someone .
“What the heck!! Are You blind? I question not looking at the fool.
Was stunned when he spoke up turns out to be davis

“Excuse you! Lady gaga you bumped into me first so what’s the fuss all about ” he said with a shrug

Wow he is looking drop dead hot, I found myself drooling over him but I was quick to control myself, so he won’t get the wrong ideas.
“Lol you bumped into me first so you should apologize this instance” I said

“Pteww you wish!! So ice queen why do you keep crossing my path huh! were You sent to faustrate my life yeah” he said sarcastically

All this while he was busy ranting I was paying attention I was thinking of the possibility of what am gonna do to his lips if I had the chance.
Without wasting any more time I crashed my lips on his,
He widen his eyes in surprise
I wanted to withdraw from kiss but he held my waist and deepen the kiss not minding our environment.
I was so lost in my crazy fantasy


Okay is this a dream or what!
Ice queen is kissing me right now!
Am kissing a billionaire kid right now!!
Somebody pinch me already.

We were kissing in a slow and romantic way.

I lift her lips and trail kisses down her neck making sure I leave hickeys,.
Kiss got so intense that I wanted her badly but had to stop.

“Let’s go to my place I said in a husky voice.
“No let’s go to my place “she said shyly

I knew for sure she wanted me badly.

We arrived at her mansion moment later.
Haven’t entered the mansion when throw her self on me kissing me aggressively like her life depends on it, while I respond with much compassion.
She rapped her legs around my torso as we kept kissing.
I could feel her pussy dripping wet I need no one to tell me that she needs my cock in her life.
I placed her on the dinning table, well have always dreamed of fucking my girl on the dinning.
I kissed her nose, kissed her lips down to her boobs but this stupid shirt is denying me assess in one swift I ripped it off To see nice boobs starring at me.
I tore her bra like a hungry lion,
She gasps but ain’t done yet am just getting started.
I grab of the left boob sucking it like my life depends on it. She moan sweetly into my ears sending signal to my beast.
In no time the beast was fully risen.
I kissed her belly down to her belly button, he tug and fondle with my hair.
I reach for her joggers and dragged it down revealing a sexy lacie panties, how I love seeing my girls in this pretty little thing.. I grabb hold of the both line and curse inwardly, she was looking at me wondering why I was fondling with her pant. I ripped it off aggressively, damn she is fucking wet. She got the nicest pussy have ever seen my urge to thrust into her increased. “Suck me please please “she said with pleasure

i bit her pussy lips making her shiver.
I kept eating on her clit earning another sweet moan from her. Inserted two of my fingers into her honey pot fingering her gently,. I know she is enjoying it with the way her body is shaking

“Fuck me davis” she whispers

In no time we were naked
I inserted my beast into her pussy, “holy jeez she is fucking tight,
I fucked her slow but not too slow,
It was like we making love,.

Fucking like never before not caring if the maids were watching.
“Say my name baby” I said huskily
“Oh shit davis” she said in a moan
I increase my speed abit I could tell she is loving it.
Inserted my index finger into her pussy along side my dick 🍆, she kept moaning sweetly into my ears.
I could feel my release building up fast but I need her to suck me. I pulled out and asked her to give a blow job

“Suck me ” I commanded pointing to my dick

She only nodded, ice queen squats in front of me grab hold my beast and started deep throat sucking my dick like a professional

Damn my ice queen sure knows how to keep her man,
I moan out loud, this cutie here is gonna kill me

My cum came out splashing on her face and boobs while she licked up every single one of it.
I collapse on the table exhausted

That was one in a million
Haven’t had as sweet like this one.

We kept looking at each other without saying a thing I wonder what’s going on in her mind.

“Let’s not do this again, let’s not talk about this terrible mistake age ” she said picking up her ripped clothes from the floor. As if she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did

I didn’t say a word I just got dressed
“About your offer, have thought about it. Am resuming work on Monday said

I saw your her face brighten up but she was quick to wipe it off I wonder why

“Okay she said and took the elevator up to her room.

I walked out later on, hail and cab to my residence






🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒

💖💖chapter 6💖💖


I got really exhausted and hungry, slumped on the couch for some seconds before heading upstairs to shower.
Man needs a good bath from some major fuck.
All my years of fucking bitches haven’t had anything compared to this, I thought when you fuck someone You dont have any business with, everything ends with the fuck You wouldn’t wanna fuck that person again.
But right now I’m stuck longing for her body seriously, this is so unlike me
Davis monteiro doesn’t fuck same bitch over and over again but this cute goddess had successfully got rapped around her fingers, oh lord help your cute son davis😅😅 save him skyler gray.
I just hope working with her won’t attracted any feelings but who am I kidding I just made love to her and it lovely. Skyler please just get outta my head.

Even being tired I still wanna go clubbing, don’t get it twisted am not a bad boy just wanna grab a drink.

After taking a good bath I came out later with only to see Vanessa seating comfortably on my bed guess she is waiting for me.
On a Normal day I should be happy my sluts came to give me some pussy juice😏😏 but right I just find her irritating.

“Davis dear have been waiting for you” she said with a grin
“Why Vanessa? I never asked you to come tho” I said with clenched teeth

“Aww davis don’t be like that, I know you missed me pussy as much as I missed your beast ” she said seductively walking towards my direction

“Wahever nessa just get going am gonna call if I need you but sorry right now am kinda in the middle of something so get lost bitch” I barked but she didn’t stop
What kinda girl is this,. She grab hold of my dk 🍆 from the towel I was tying
And stwarted stroking it fast but steadily a moan excaped my mouth.
I cursed in wardly
“I know you like it” she said trailing her hand right hand on my bare chest.
“Nessa am tired I can’t f*ck I said regaining my senses,
“Stop pretending she said kissing my chest ”
“Am not pretending bitch you starting to irritate me ” I said and dragged her outta my room towards the main exit of my house,
I pushed outside “stay away from my fucking d
k 🍆 🍆 if you don’t wanna die young, I said shutting the door at her stupid face filled to many facials.
Ptweew that was close I walked back to my closet and pick a rugged jean and a red designer shirt, red Balenciaga sneakers and another nice pair of boxers 😁😁

Ready to club.


Wait did I just had sex with that arrogant jerk?? No no this can’t be happening to me, I can’t believe I fell easily for his charms, I still can’t believe I have sex on the dinning table with my new pa, well its a mistake i know its not gonna happen again. But honestly that was the best sex have had my p***y is damn hot, you have to admit it skyler you longing for more of his beast I my subconscious mind told me, I just shake it off right now I wanna go clubbing..

Got dressed in a very sexy short satin gown that brought out all my shape any man would die to have those.
It was a braless gown, my nipples were p pointed out but I careless just wanna get drunk and party after party.
Took a blue stilettos to going with my gown, didn’t do facial just lip gloss
Took my purse 👛 and my car key before going out. Club 365 here I come I smirked to my self.

I came down stairs shortly my maid were looking me surprised tho,
“And what you looking at huh?

“Sorry madam the all bow
“Whatever am out “I said walking away majestically
Arrived at club 365′ few minutes ride later, parked my car properly at the VIP spot before coming out.
I didn’t stress to get into the club because they know who i’m I don’t stand in clues I just cut and pass.
Club 365′ is one of the biggest clubs in LA and am their major investor, which means am one of their biggest shareholder.. I walked into the club with ‘fuck by Jeremih and post Malone ‘”blasting to the speaker, I couldn’t help but think about my little escapade with davis tho,,I went to the bartender and ordered vodka,
Immediately I took it I felt the urge to dance,
I walked to the dance floor and started twerking,, yeah! I know how to dance

I could feel their eyes on my body but ain’t bothered just wanna dance, I switched more and started dancing like a stripper , the guys were all drooling. Some were basically un dressing me with their lustful eyes.
Just then I someone grabbed my waist from behind making me shivers I wonder who it was, wait who am I kidding I know that touch, I know that scent


Was at club 365′ drinking my guys at a corner watching em girls dance
My guys are the worst set of friends ever.
Me I just sat quietly sipping my drink.
“Wassup bro you look dull” james my closet buddy said tapping my shoulder making me look at him
“Nothing bro just thinking of something. ” I said
Some random girl was on the stage dancing while people cheering her I must admit she is damn hot and good like ice queen,, wait!! That’s her unbelievable, now I feel like dancing she gat the body of a f*cking rich goddess.
I stood up quietly not after glaring at my friends for staring at her.
Walked to the stage and grabbed her tiny waist gently making her shiver its good I had an effect on her.
She stared at me with a supprise face.
I bent like someone that wants to kiss her but no I just wanna play with her
“Care for a dance my lady”I said
She just nodded with a smile I almost melted on seeing that smile.

We were dancing like a cute couple.
I grabbed her butt and started rocking it on my torso I know she getting turned on as much as me..
I bend her over and asked her to twerk for me which she agreed to” twerk for me baby girl” I said in a rather too husky voice… She stared twerking on my beast sprung up like a dog called by his master. She felt my erection and gasp.
“Let’s play dirty kitten ” I whisper into her ears. She didn’t say anything as I took in bridal style to the rooms at 365’ good thing I know my way around.
I kicked the door opened and dropped her on the bed almost immediately I landed my lips on hers, was so turn on that I can’t even wait for a sec.

I started kissing 💋 her roughly, I bit and nibbled on her low lip making her moan
She rapped around my neck using her hand fondle with my black long hair, how I so much enjoy her doing that.
I ripped her clothes again for the second time woow thiz kitten is braless. she only looked at me.

I kissed and sucked her neck like lollipop leaving more love bites she kept calling my name sweetly getting me more turn on. The helped in removing my shirt as she use her hands to trail an invisible line on my abs, I groaned in respond to the pleasure I felt while she did that. She stood up knelt before she un buckled my belt and pulled down my trousers which I kicked off, she smiled at what she saw.
i grab hold of the cute girls secret “pant she is wearing and ripped it off aggressively with my hands.
I attacked her cute bbs and gave them equal rights..her moans are like music to my ears
She used her tinny cute hands to pull down my boxers all this while we never broke eye contact.
She grabbed my d
k 🍆 in her small hands and shove it into her mouth.
She is pro and ck sucking. Swears I almost died of pleasure as I moan crazily with my hair tented backwards.
She suck me for sometime before I angrily made her seat on my c
k, she used her py to rub my shaft in a teasing way she moaned crazily while I groan.
She lifted herself alittle and guided my d
k into her warm p***y.
. damn she a f
cking cow girl she was moving slowly at first which I didn’t enjoy that much, I decided to teach a good lesson. I grabbed hold of small waist and increase the pace, she moved her hair backwards moaning I left her waist and grab her bbs and started squeezing her b***bs like oranges ” yes baby fck I love this” she said in pleasure
I pulled her up and made her stand her fours I licked her p
* *y hole from behind while keep calling my name in form of a moan. I sucked her for a while before inserting my d
k again.
This time am gonna make her scream my name Nonstop. I started thrusting in and out her at first but increase the pace while spanking her butt repeatedly “f*ck holy shit, I love it daddy f*ck me harder” she moaned,,, Increase my pace to mixium.. Thrusting into her warm p****y with full speed she kept screaming my name. Yes that’s what I wanted..
I f*cked her like never before till I felt my release.. I groan and hold her ass more tightly, because of the sweet feeling we moan enthusiastically.
“Am Cumming’she said as massive wave or organism came gushing out.
She shook viguely obviously enjoying it.
I empty my cum in her p****y and collapse on the bed exhausted.
She did the same.
We were both breathing heavily,, I closed my eyes and opened them again only to find her staring at him she looked away away almost immediately.
That was the best makeout ever.

I can’t believe I fcked skyler my boss to be twice in one day when have not resumed work.
She stood up quietly and walked to the telegram and ordered something in no time a bouncer brought freshly packed clothes.
She collected it and shut the door.
Went to the bathroom and came out later looking refreshing but still not talking to me.
I decided to break the silence.
” you avoiding me now”I asked
“And why would I” she said nonchalantly.. Picking her shoes.
“But I.. Never just forget it i said and walked to my stuffs
” look davis I know you most be thinking about this, but please we can’t do this anymore you ma employee for crying out loud, I can’t be f
cking my employee okay? Let’s just go back to our normal and pretend it never happened good bye 👋 davis” she said and walked out not waiting for my reply.
I smashed my phone, I can’t forget any of this moment with you not after you got me rapped around your fingers.
You In my head skyler and I can’t seem to take you out of my thoughts.

I got dressed afterwards and left the club I really need to have a good night sleep or am gonna get sick





🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒

💖💖chapter 7💖💖


I laid on my queen size bed cuddling my teddy bear thinking of the crazy romance have had last night.

I never wanted to say that to davis but I just had to, ion want him start having the feeling that skyler gray the youngest billionaire.. I just have to push him away.

I won’t deny the fact that my body still ache for his touch, I still want his massive c**k inside me.
He made me feel like a woman, haven’t had anything as sweet as what Davis did to me.
But no it has to stop I need to kill whatever feeling am developing for him,
Moreover he is my employee.
I can’t f*ck my personal assistant that’s gonna be low of me.

I still have lots of hickeys on my neck tho, am wear a turtle neck dress so nobody will see em.
He will be resuming work tomorrow, I pray ion end up biting his ear lope 😂😂


Ice queen thinks everything is over right, but it isn’t.
Haven’t crave for any of my whores like am doing right now.
All I know is she is special to me,
Am having the strange feeling but ion know what is it I feel for her,. Is it mere infatuation??
No I doubt now she wants to sideline me

Never gonna happen babe , I know I still had an effect on your body. You can’t make me wanna bend you over and f**k You, then later say its a mistake.

Skyler gray watch out baby girl, am gonna go down with you again at all cost.

I dragged my self lazily to the kitchen and decided on beacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast today..

In no time I was done eating,. I sat down at living room playing PS 4.

When a random knock made me loose the level I was playing “Argh ” growled
Am gonna kill whosoever Is at my door.

Walked hastily to the door and opened it, I was about saying trash thinking its james but no its no other person than Clarissa,a girl I enjoy fucking but she isn’t as hot as sky on bed.
“Clarissa? Its you” I said
“Huh yeah babe were you expecting someone else? “She asked with folded arms
“No never mind I thought it was james, come in Clarke” I said leading her to the living room.
I just hope she didn’t come to f**k cause am not gonna f*ck again
“Davis have Missed you so much ” she said trailing kisses on my face
i just rolled my eyes and tried pushing her of but carie did the unexpected by attacking my weak point, which is at the back of my ear down to my neck, a moan escaped my moan. she successfully turned me on, now am gonna cripple her with my beast.
I grabbed her boobs aggressively and started squeezing she left my ear lopes and started kissing me, with both our tongues trying to gain dominance,.
I broke the kiss and went for her boobs.
Sucking it as she moan with her head moved back.
I made her seat on couch before ripping her crop top she gasps , don’t blame me tho, I love it that way.
I dragged her short skirt down to her foot. I took one of her toes and kissed it,
I trailed kisses to her lap then made her spread her legs for me to gain entrance.

I touched her pantie and smiled, she was really wet 💦 let me tease her a bit.
I kept rubbing her py from the pant making moan even more I shifted her pants to a corner and inserted my finger into her honey pot and started finger fking her, from her moan I knew she was enjoying every bit of it .
I increased the pace making her scream 😱 out loud.
It was time to the main game, I grip both edges of her lacy pants with one swift movement I ripped it off. And dropped it somewhere.
I stood up quietly and removed that bra hiding those beautiful b***bs from me.

I was wearing only shorts I kicked it off aggressively and dumped on the floor.

“Beg me to fuck you bitch ” I commanded.
“Please fuck me harder davis” she said in pleasure. That’s what I wanted to hear before I reck her p****y.
I knelt down before her I grabbed hold of her long legs and inserted my beast into her honey pot.
I started thrusting in and out of her fast, like a cheetah 😏 I was fking the hell outta her making her scream in ecstacy
“On your fours bitch” I said In a husky voice.
She obeyed immediately I inserted my beast into her *ss hole and started giving her the f
k of her life.
She kept screaming my name like a crazy slut but ion care.
I removed my dk and put it back into her p****y and spanked her *ss countless times making her moan in pleasure.
“Fuck! I groaned and increased my pace,
She cummed continuously.
But am not close to done yet.
I change the position to missionary style and continue thrusting into her with speed like someone on fire.
“Uh erghn yeah fuck me baby ” she moan in a whisper.
I positioned her well with her both legs on my shoulder and started thrusting deep into her till I shifted her womb.
She kept making funny sounds and begging me to stop but no am not stopping yet.. She cummed again making her p****y more juicy.
I carried her on my dick and sat on the sofa and continue f
king the hell outta her till she started crying begging me to stop.. Thrusting into her aggressively till I reached climax and pushed her to the couch before walking to the bathroom.
That will teach her good lesson not to start what you can never end.

I took a nice shower and wore something nice..
I came down stairs shortly only to see Clarissa limping.
i just had to laugh,…
“Clarie what you doing ” I asked curiously.
Instead she just ignored me and limped outta my flat.
Yeah that’s what I wanted I know she is not gonna come back ever again.

,,,, I came back to my game,… James later joined me at home we talked about random stuffs before we bid each other good bye.
Leaving me all alone again.




🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒

💖💖chapter 8💖💖


I woke up the next morning with fatigue written all over me.
I managed to drag my lazy feet to the bathroom still thinking of the best way to avoid davis
After a long bath, I came out and sat in front of my dressing mirror.
Applied lotion on my body imagining it to be davis doing it. Ion use facials am pretty even without makeup

I used the hand dryer to dry my hair after which I picked my underwear.
Girlie secret satin pants with a matching bra, after that I brought out I a black plain gown with tiny diamonds placed at the edge of the dress, golden stilettos and a strip jacket to match.

I came down stairs after I got dressed, the maids were standing waiting to greet me good morning but I surprisingly I replied their greetings and ask how they were doing, I could see the look of shock on the face.
Had my normal morning breakfast and my expresso to go with it.

Minutes later I was on my way to work


I woke up really happy cause am gonna see ice queen although, we gonna act professional, I don’t mind fucking her on her office desk 😅😅

I did my manly stuff in the bathroom..

Came out later clad in black tuxedo suit.
Shey that’s what personal assistant always put on.
Nevertheless I was looking smoking hot.

No girl can resist my charms not even my boss.. I smiled out dimples on thinking about skyler.

I must make her mine at all cost.

I walked outta my flat and Flag down a cab which took me to gray industry.

On reaching the company, immediately I stepped down from the cab.
All eyes were on me like I was some kinda god.

I wasn’t far from the entrance when I saw her looking so beautiful in that gown, I felt like gripping those clothes and f**k her lungs out.
I growl inwardly at the effect she had on me. Am not suppose to feel this way.
Dammit walked towards her and muttered a good morning she only nodded.

“Gaya this is my new personal assistant davis monteiro I believe you guys most have met before ” she said

“Nice to meet you davis” ms gaya said extending her hand for a handshake which I took with a shrug.
She was smiling sheepishly, I know what she wants 😏😏.. Skyler cleared her throat to gain ms gaya attention.

“Gaya show him Office and also brief him on work that needs to be done” she said nonchalantly.. Before walking to the elevator.

What’s with her??
Gaya later showed me my office which I later found out it was next to lady gaga’s own.
I shown all the pending work draft by the PA was busy with em when the office telecom com rang, I left what I was doing and answered it.

“See me in my office now” ice queen said from the other end.

“Okay “I said before Heading to her office.


Sky what is wrong with you I face palmed my self.
I won’t lie I was kinda pissed when gaya was trying to flirt with davis.
He is mine and mine alone.. Oops did I just say that.
My body system was hot, that I don’t care if he decided to take me on this desk, I need him so badly.
I pressed a button on the telecom and dialed his office line,
“Come to my office now” I said.

“He said a sexy okay before he dropped the line.
Almost immediately a knock came on my door.
“Come in “I muttered.
He came in looking so handsome as always.

“You called”he said
I didn’t wait for him to get close before I rushed him with kisses which he responded to,, I kissed him so badly like my life depends on it, I used one hand to lock the door for ion want disturbance from any one.
I planted kisses on his ear down to his neck he moaned softly I guess that’s his weak spot. I could feel his hardness pressing against my body.
He grabbed my ss and squeeze it I moan in pleasure as he dropped me on the desk, he trailed his hands down my whole body to my waist line back to my bbs, he zip open my dress and brought out my bbs from its hiding place. He sucked on them while I moaned in ecstacy urging him to continue. He left my bbs not before sucking both of them equally.
He trailed kisses down to my belly button, to my waist line.
He lifted my dress revealing my pant.
He used his hands to teased me alittle before ripping my pant again, I guess he enjoy doing that.
I moaned as I felt his finger on my p
y lips, I fondled with his hair with my eyes shut tightly enjoying the sweetness of what he is doing to me. He inserted his middle finger and kept thrusting in me faster will I moan softly biting my lips.
He changed to two fingers and kept on fingering me, was at the verge of Cumming when he removed his finger and dragged down his trouser revealing his erected d***k
He rubbed the tip at the entrance of my p****y while a shutter.
He pushed his beast into me and started thrusting into me faster but fast enough to injury me.
“What are you doing to me baby girl “he groaned with his eyes closed as he kept thrusting in and out of me.
Our moans filled the office, as we changed to the different position, my orgasms came out continuously,
Ion think I can ever get enough of him,.

He was about to cum when he removed his dk and inserted it in between my bbs his cum came out splashing 💦 on my face. I licked everything up he fell down to calm his breathing.
Likewise me
That was hilarious.
Having crazy sex with my pa for last 3days.
I won’t deny the fact that I enjoy it and ion want it to stop any time soon.


I stood up later after my body must have calmed.
I wore my clothes back before leaving her alone as I walked to my office.. How crazy can this day get.
I imagined fucking her on her desk and it came through.
I think I like her, she is the only lady that had a special effect on me..
Sex on the desk is sweet tho.

I continued with my work, later in the day gaya invited me to join them for lunch at the company cafeteria..
Which I oblige to., immediately I stepped into the cafeteria all eyes were on me, I began to think maybe they saw with happen at ice queen”s office not knowing they were marveled by my handsomeness. I shrug it off and sat down with gaya and CO..
We ate and talked about random stuffs and also why did ms gray employed me even after the insult I gave to her.
I simply told them ion know, maybe she saw it in my records that I was qualified for the job.
All this while gaya kept staring at me lustfully which I find quite irritating.

She is not the type of lady I would wanna f**k.

After everything I went back to my office and did other necessary work and also set a debrief for my boss which will be done tomorrow at the conference room.

Soon I was done for the day, and it was time to leave the office.
After the little sex scenario haven’t seen my boss.
Maybe she is still battling with the situation.
I pushed that aside and walked out of my office
was about to turn when I bumped into someone inlost my balance whereby causing the person to fall on me





🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒

💖💖chapter 9💖💖

😒😒 Davis 😒😒

It was my boss
I lost my balance, we fell on the floor with her on top of me, our breath fanning each other,

she didn’t do anything she just stood that way staring at me as if she wants to figure out something..

“Davis what are you doing to my body “she whispers like she is gonna kiss me.

“Why does your touch make me long for more” she said planting kisses on my lips

I couldn’t tell her also feel the same way I also long for her body.

“Stop doing that ice queen someone might see you like this”I said trying to get her off me.

She stood and arrange her dress.

Damn how I love seeing my ladies in those sexy little thing.

“Let me give a ride home ” she offered.

I nodded in agreement
We walked to her car in silence, I wonder why tho.

Immediately we got into the car she dragged my collar aggressive and crashed her lips on mine.

So she dropping me at home was a trap to tape me in her car😅😅
She entangled her hands on my neck as a deepen the kiss.

I brought my hands down to her thigh to her py area her pant we’re soaking wet 💦 💦.. I teased her with it making her moan into my mouth.
I growled on seeing my hardness. Her body is intoxicating I can’t get enough of her.
I shifted her pant and inserted a finger into her honey pot.
I thrust in and her honey pot tenderly making her moan sweetly in my ears.
I kissed her ears and bit them as she shuttered into my touch.
“Please f
k me, I can’t hold it much longer “she said lustfully.
Sex in The car isn’t such a bad idea tho but am not gonna f***k her am gonna punish her.
She can’t come and go whenever she feel like, am not her sex toy

I bent slightly like I was gonna kiss but no I said something to her that got her surprise.
“Sorry lady gaga but am not gonna f***k You till you beg me and tell me how I make you feel” I said and stepped down from her car.
I got into a taxi and zoom off, that will teach her a lesson…

i arrived at my apartment 15minutes later.
I was almost in my room when mom call calm.
How I miss her so much. I picked the call and her sweet voice came up

📞king baby! How you ” she said happily from the other end

📞mum! Am fine I miss you guys so much and guess what mom have got a job here in LA ” I said picking up a pack of cereal

📞really soon am happy for you. We miss you more, hope to see you this summer and make sure you come with a pretty senorita dear” she said

📞sure mom, bye mom talk later ” I said and ended the call I know where the conversation Is heading to which I don’t want to discuss for now..

I went. To my room for a veery nice bathroom before changing into something.. .

Jugged downstairs afterwards
I sat down on the chair tiredly eating cereal and peanut. When another call came in, I look at the screen of my phone to check who it was. It was james my crazy friend, with him there is never a dull moment.
📞hey bro” I said still eating cereal

📞am good bitch😏😏 change into something nice quickly and come downstairs am at the parking lot “he said before hanging up not giving me the chance to ask any questions.

I came out later on clad in black rugged jean timberland and a body hug shirt showing off my abs any girl will go crazy seeing this.

James said we’re going to a birthday party at his side chick’s apartment.

An after party is what I needed at the moment.

We arrived at the venue later, james parked the car properly immediately I stepped out all eyes we’re on me.

But I don’t care tho
Got inside where the actual party was going on,
It was then it came to my notice that its mostly girls in party.just few guys

I couldn’t believe my eyes they were all naked. Some were masturbating, while some were still dancing to the beat.
I turned to my left I gave james that why did you bring me here?
“Calm down bro you gonna enjoy it trust me “he said.
Sasha sighted us from the crowd and came to welcome us.
Sasha is james side chick, she is quite beautiful For a side chick….
I can’t believe am in a lesbian party.
James was nowhere to be found I guess he left with sasha, I was left seating alone as girls drool over my body.
So this girl approached me, I won’t lie she was beautiful and sexy too but not as sexy as skyler.
She was putting on a cute lingerie
“👋 Hey georeous ” she said seating side by side with me
“Hey princess ” he said in my ever sexy voice putting on my charm
She giggled like a kid,, she brought her hands to my beast and started romancing it.
“Mind if we catch some fun” she whisper into my ear and bit my lobe.
My beast sprung up instantly
“That’s if you can handle me” I spanked her *ss earning a gasps from her.
“Bring it on” she said seductively and sat on my beast rocking it wid her *ss, I grabbed hold of them as I started kissing her roughly like the whole she is,,
“I stood up with her still rapped around my waist and headed for the bathroom, yeah that’s where am gonna fuck her till she beg for mercy.
I dropped her in front of the mirror and turned her to look at the mirror while I f***k from behind.
I ripped the goddamn lingerie and tusk it across the bathroom, I grabbed hold of two massive b***bs from behind and whisper into her ears.
“I want you to look at us while I f***k you” I said in a husky voice.
She moaned with her eyes closed.
I thrust deep into her like a wild lion,
Swears are moaning are terrible I guess she has not had something as big as this before.
I grabbed a hair in my hand tightly as I f***k the living day light outta her
She squirt continuously but I wasn’t done yet
“Am Cumming”she scream
But am not letting her off that easily.
I inserted my beast into her **shole and started another run of thrusting as kept saying funny things ion understand.

I fucked her till she couldn’t stand again till I reached my climax..
Bitch! I groaned leaving her in the bathroom to regain her strength.
I went back to my seat and continued drinking till I was alittle bit tipsy.

I was somehow drunk, I stood up and walked into a room full of girls masturbating, uh oh I tried leaving the room but a blonde hair girl was quick to lock the door..
Am in so much trouble right now

What do you think is gonna happen??





🔞my crazy but erotic romance 🔞

Written ✍ by munay berry 😒

💖💖chapter 10💖💖


So I was trapped in a room with five horny bitches.

How am I gonna excape em now.

“So you guy with the beast huh! ” a black hair girl said scanning me with her eyes.

I didn’t say a thing I was just looking at the goddesses in front of me.

“Let’s strip him naked”the blond hair girl from earlier said.
I gulp down nothing in particular.

My clothes were removed as I was being tied up in a chair.
Oh lord please save your son this mess” I said in my mind.

“We’re gonna tease you till you beg for mercy ” a red said coming towards where I was tied.
They started finger f***king each other and moaning like crazy women.
I groaned as I felt my d ***k become hard…
“Lol we have not started yet and he is already hard, wait till we get to the fun part.
After that finger section. They grouped their selves in front of me and eating on their cunt.
Gush this is more than torture.
Am tied up in a room with five horny bitches and I can’t do a thing.

The black hair girl knelt in between my legs face to face with my erection..
Before I could say duck, my dk was already inside her warm mouth.
I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sweetness of what she was doing to me.
After deep throat sucking my d
k she step aside for another bitch which is the blondie,, she knelt down, and took my beast in between her bbs and f****king my beast with it.
I groaned quietly in pleasure. They should untie me let me teach them a lesson.
I hissed in wardly
She brought my beast to her mouth and started sucking and squeezing my balls, the feeling was good, they must the experts in rapping a guy😊😊
The red haired girl brought her nice looking b
bs to my mouth. Uhmm yummy, I sucked each one of them since my hands are handcuffs.
They kept sucking my d**k turn by turn,.

The blondie whose name I got to know is rose, sat on my dk and started rocking back and forth as she moaned out in ecstacy.
The dark haired girl who is Tilda by name crashed her lips on mine biting my bottom lip on several interval, the kiss was fierce and aggressive, won’t lie I enjoyed it.
My beast was hard as rock ready for action.
“Girls lets untie him that’s if he is gonna f*ck us all” the eldest of them all whose name is jenny said.
To cut the long story short I had to f
k em all. By time I was done I became very weary 😩 😩 had to leave without James.

Got to my apartment around 3:00am in the morning,
I fell on the couch and dozed off,.


Why do I feel bad this much??
What davis was the absolute truth, I can’t keep pushing him away when I know I wanted him badly…

Lately have come to realize how much have loved him.. Yes am in love with him but sadly he doesn’t feel the same way.

Made up my mind to call and apologize for treating him like some trash…

Tried his number like forever but he wasn’t picking I became worried.

Should I just check up on him??

Ion want him to start having negative thoughts tho..

I took my car keys and my designer purse before walking towards my sport car before zooming off two davis’s flat

In no time I was at his doorstep I knocked but got no response. I decided to help my self in, he wasnt in the living room I looked towards the stairs contemplating whether to go upstairs or not. But there is no harm in trying,
I got to his room and knocked, I had a faint voice inside telling me to come in,

I opened the room behold every where was messy, clothes every where, I glance towards the bed. There he was lying down looking pale and weary.













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