COVID-19 : Google launches a series of throwback doodles of its most popular games

popular google doodle games

In other to save people from boredom during the lockdown, Google launches a series of it throwback doodles popular games

Google with it funky doodles is popular for celebrating birthdays, special occasions and festivals.

A number of social games and mini-games are also available on their homepage.

Each game in the Google Doodle Blog has been archived.

As most of the world’s population is being quaranteled because of the Covid-19 outbreak in their homes,

it’s natural to feel bored from time to time.


The good folks at Google are offering famous game from their old dolly to help us beat the lockdown blues and combat boredom.

Google has developed a series of ten games starting on Monday,

each of which will be a jump back to one of the most famous games of the business.

The search giant’s first doodle used in the game is ‘Coding for carrots’ from 2017.

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The game marks the 50th birthday of ‘Logo’-the first children’s programming language.

In the game, the player requires a combination of simple commands to allow rabbits to collect carrots.

On the phone, the message is displayed, ‘Stay and play at home with famous Google Doodles,’ when you hover the mouse over the doodle.

The doodle shows on a claboard the second letter ‘o’ coding and on the machine the first letter ‘o.’

You can play the game “Coding for Carrots” by clicking on the “Play” button.

With Google’s free two-month cloud gaming service,

search giant thinks that the two ways of ‘staying at home and saving lives’ is gaming and coding.