Entmediahub Bet Battle - Coming Soon [Full Gist]

Entmediahub Bet Battle – Coming Soon [Full Gist]

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Entmediahub Bet Battle – Coming Soon [Full Gist]

Entmediahub Bet Battle is a platform for not just Rappers but singers, Dancers, Dj’s and all kind of activities linked to entertainment too in other to showcase their talent.

We created this to promote and give the participants new listening ears and ofcuse grow their fan base.

Participation fee is 2,500 Naira by Default (Participants might decide to challenge themselves with a bigger amount).

The winner gets the whole money, meaning if both pays 2,500 Naira, who wins gets back his 2,500 plus the other persons 2,500 which makes a total 5,000 Naira.

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Interestingly, you can call out anybody to battle you, if he /she agrees, we host it.

You all don’t have to be in the same State/Country as everyone will record a video from their end and send down to us for upload.

All videos will be posted on our platform and the winner will be determined by who has the highest likes on his/her videos.

The beat/instrumental, song or what ever to be performed on will be provided by us.

To Participate :
Email : @[email protected]
Or whatsapp : +2348148032042

For Sponsorship/Partnering, Please contact us using the above info.