#Relationship : Dating foundation – by Liutenant Dheynhiz

Dating foundation - written - Liutenant Dheynhiz
  • Dating foundation – written by “Liutenant Dheynhiz”

  • Things you should know before getting into a relationship.

Dear Singles,
Your Dating Foundation Matters

As much as you can, take dating relationships serious. Take it serious!

Don’t waste your time playing around with some uncommitted folk, no!

If they ain’t gonna give you complete loyalty and commitment, stroll away.

When they come to you, ask them to define what they want from you and be straightforward.


Tell them there’s no chance for “Let’s just see how it goes…”

Nah! There must be definition.


Ask them questions. Yes, tough questions, Like :

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What’s your vision?
  3. In five years where do you see yourself?
  4. If your plan A fails, what will be your next step?
  5. Where do you want this relationship to end?
  6. Do you love me or the idea of me?
  7. How do you intend achieving your dreams?
  8. What are your religious convictions?
  9. Do you believe in threesomes and weird sexual fetish?
  10. Do you want to marry me or you want to waste my time?
  11. Will you be able to abstain till marriage?

Ask them darn questions! Serious ones!

Don’t ever take dating ‘lightly’

Be so serious about who gets into your heart.

Be so serious about who you commit to..

Don’t accept the idea of dating for ‘fun’

Yes, it’s good that he can get you Macdonald’s burger, Gucci handbags, iphones, but ask him where in seven heavens is the relationship leading to.

Ask him aside money and all the material gifts, what else can he offer? Be serious!

If (s)he gets you anything less than total commitment, get away.

Don’t settle for an inch less. Be that serious. Be that high in standard.

Yes, people will say your own is too much.

They’ll say you’re uptight and too serious..

Tell them:
“Yes, I am serious because my life and heart is not a joke.

It’s no joke who I give my time.

I can not get back the time I’d spend with you, that’s how priceless it is, that’s why I must be sure you’re worth spending my priceless time with.”

If you don’t get serious and keep high standards, They’ll get into your life easily and play tennis with your heart.
Have you ever seen a government house with no security and protocols? No!

Can anyone just enter? No!

If anyone can just come into your heart, one day you’ll find it in bits!

Be serious and uptight!

And always remember, that if you’re this serious about relationships,

you won’t quickly get into a relationship because these days people seek play mates..

But I tell you, the right person is coming.

Written By Liutenant Dheynhiz