Dancer Kaffy cries out after a 4th dancer dies in the space of 2 months

Kaffy 4th dancer died in 2 months

A well known dancer is yet again dead making it the 4th in less than 2 months Kaffy Cries out

Breaking the news is Nigerian most famous female dancer “Kaffy” who urge dancers to rise up and be prayerful.

The desist which she described as humble, ready to work and other things goes by the name Romeo.

Her Words were:

Another one GONE!!!!!! Whyyyyyy????? DANCERS RISE UP ITS HAS TO STOP!

We have to be more prayerful there is a wave and this is becoming too much .

4 dancers less than 2 months . Naaaaa this is one too many .

Romeo , Romeo always humble and ready to work .

Never complaining , funny and smiling . May your soul REST IN PEACE !!!

#dancerpray #Godtakecontrol #pleaseLordweneedyou  #dancerspray #prayfordancers

Watch video of her addressing the issue below:



In other news Picturekodak  a female dancer, lost her life in Clarence Peter’s studio.

While charging her phone, Kodak was electrocuted which as such lead to her death.