Checkout what your sitting position says about you

Checkout what your sitting position says about you

The fact that different people have different sitting postures is no secret. And most of the time, our sitting style may differ according to our surroundings and mood.

There are, however, different sitting styles which are unique to each person. And the adopted style is not necessarily limited to our mood ‘s existence.

A person’s sitting posture says a lot about their goals and temperament according to psychologists.

Our sitting position reveals our hidden wishes and instincts.

So even though you don’t know it, the body language of those around you probably gives signals.


Experts went even further, suggesting that even though your words are polite and transparent, a bad body language will make you appear deceptive or uninterested.

So it’s important to know that posture is part of our language of the body. And your posture reveals a great deal about who you are and what you think.

Unknown to others, this is one fantastic technique that interviewees use to learn about the personality of an individual.

And if you really want to learn how to interpret the positions of other people and to change your own stance for a first-class impression, read on to see what these famous sitting positions mean:

Here are five sitting positions and their interpretation:

1. Sitting with crossed legs:

Psychologists believe that when crossing your legs while sitting may be a bold declaration that you’re the person you’re cosy for.

Nevertheless, people who cross their legs are often considered to be more artistic in nature. Sometimes these types of people have odd and inventive ideas that cause us to think differently because they are known to have a powerful imagination.

2. Clasping hands while sitting

People usually don’t cross their hands while sitting. Yet when they do, it can be construed as a sign of wanting to be extra friendly.

Psychologists, however, claim it can also be a sign that you’re lying and trying to please someone.

3. Sitting Erect:

It is said that people who sit with their legs straight are often clean and intelligent in eight out of ten cases.

They are also quick to detect or respond to minor modifications, signals, or impacts.

Sitting with straight legs is also a sign that you’d rather keep your emotions to yourself than engage in conflict.

4. Sitting with legs angled at one side

This sitting posture among female people is most growing. And it’s said to be a sign suggesting that these people believe in time and place.

In other words, they believe everything has its time and place.

More often than not, these people set targets and work very hard to achieve them. For them, establishing their education and career before moving on to anything else is more like a priority.

Furthermore, appearances are important to these, and they dress very nice to put up a very nice look.

5. Armrest while sitting

While with this sitting position there are so few men, the fact that they can be seen here and there is not to be taken away.

People who rely on the armrest on a regular basis while sitting have been identified as the shaky type who need to find a way to stabilize themselves.

This does not apply to bosses or workers in office; because they are naturally at ease and in control.