Central bank of Nigeria avert fire disaster in Jos branch

Central bank of Nigeria avert fire disaster in Jos branch [FULL GIST]

As reported by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), its Jos Branch workers avoided a major national fire accident on Tuesday.

A statement signed by Isaac Okorafor, director of corporate communications at the Bank,

reported, at approximately 9.15 a.m., Tuesday 21 April 2020,

that the fire alarm had been activated in CBN Jos Branch and the critical duty workers were immediately evacuated from the site to a sampling point in compliance with the Bank’s fire drill and procedure.

Okarafor also noted that the Fire Service was quickly called by the Division Controller at around9.19 a.m.


and found out that, before arrival, the security personnel of the bank had traced the fire to an air conditioning device installed in the reversing room in the house, using information from the Fire Alarm Dashboard.

With exhaust systems and water sources installed in the house, the workers quickly put the fire out.

At that time, the affected area has been closed off for further investigation, although regular work on the branch has resumed, Okorafor said.

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He informed the general public that the minor fire was successfully extinguished and no documents of the Bank were destroyed.