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Ben Ace

An Akure born Nigerian, Akinnuoye Benjamin known for his musical name “Ben Ace” hails from ondo state, Nigeria,

was born in a regular family of Akinnuoye bred by his mother and later his grandmother after his father left his biological mother.

Ben Ace

BenAce has passion for doing mix genre of musics and also enjoy putting African major AFRO BEATS genre into other form of popular genres of musics.

He also believes music is his religion and God is his most high as his quotes use to claim


“You can’t find God full interest as he his no religion, but you can find his full interest as he’s a lover of Good music.

So tell me why music isn’t going to be my religion”.

His freestyling skills led him to win heart of many at IMUAGUN CARNIVAL a popular street carnival in Akure, ondo state.

This has also land him in the sight of many music professionals in his country the likes OSMA tv, blackstar Medias USA, lu helping hands, and several international labels and local ones.



Ben Started his career as early as 14 years old with the stage name “Kidoben_ace” doing records of freestyles at occasions and streets.

He crafted his first single Angelina (2017) which got him into top 10 on OSMA tv.

This also earned him radio plays in Nigeria and also in USA cities such as Kansas City despite being an Afro-highlife.

He dropped his first Album sky and stardom (2018) after he got out of high school under the American base label music king organization and mediablackstars.

His single Angelina earned a nomination at OSMA music award Also got him placed and earned him his first music gig Redslot hotel.

His first album ”sky and stardom” attracted a lot of music fan due to his amazing form of craft putting :

afro pop, R&b, pop rock, dancehall, Afro-highlife, hip hop and trap beat.

Zombie on his album which is a pop rock song had the largest stream on his album with thousands of stream across all digital platforms.

Also, his style of craft attracted The UK singer Husky Franks which made him feature Ben ace on one his album (good vibeZ) on track 7 titled “more than friends”.

After then, he had a remix of one of the best song on his album with USA artist “Kyle James” and a talented Mexico rapper “ L-Gante”.

He headlined the Ondo state biggest street carnival “ IMUAGUN CARNIVAL 2019 pepper dem” with over 4000 people in attendance.

In 2019 Ben Ace release his first single titled MELANIN featuring Artim Gee which dropped on March 1st.


“- I didn’t know the kid was such an amazing and versatile artist….” Bedroom radio Kansas City

“ – he’s better than my songwriting skills…” Abiola Shabbaz

“ – I love his music and his kind of versatility…” Lianna Dunn

“ king on every aspect of music genre..” Tolah blizz


Angelina – 2017

So juicy – 2019

Melanin – 2020

Sky and stardom (Album) – 2018

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Akure born Nigerian Ben Ace’s R&B, pop plus mix genre singer and songwriter have garnered acclaimed by mediablackstars, music king organization and lu helping hands.

He claims Music is his religion and his way to get to the most high due to high love for music.

His single “Angelina” earned him an award nomination and also his album “sky and stardom” when he uses the name kidoben_ace gained a lot great reactions by fans due to his versatility type of music.

He headlined Akure, ondo state biggest music carnival with over 4000 people in attendance and also attended shayopro and friends music concerts.

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Ben AceBen ACE

Ben Ace