Being poor in spirit is the worst thing that can happen to anyone – Toke Makinwa talks

In a recent interview, the media personal, Toke Makinwa said it’s the worst thing anybody can ever do to be poor in spirit.

Toke Makinwa added that you can be poor in your pocket and that not a crime, but if you have a poor spirit, you can’t get money, advice or help.

She said, “The thought alone makes me sad, no amount of money/advice/help will fix that.”

“May you not end up having to do this thing called life with someone with a poor mentality, life is hard as it is, having to mentally battle with someone who thinks from a scarce mind even when there’s abundance of wealth, health and spirit around them is prison.

You want to be around the “yes you can do it, your dream is too small, think bigger, go for it” not the “here’s why it won’t work all the time” mind, choose your path carefully,” she added.


Toke Makinwa urged Nigerians to follow the same approach with regard to business, mental health, marriage e.t.c

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She said;

“Above all the emotions, it is a partnership and though bad times come (even in business it happens), you want to be sure you are in the right boat and everyone is rowing,”.

What’s your opinion on this?