Asa is an Idol we need to start worshiping her – Interview with Toyboy

Exclusive interview with Toyboy

Exclusive interview with Toyboy

Oladokun Babatunde Olasunkanmi well know as Toyboy is a fast rising Nigerian musical Artiste and originator of Afrolite his unique style of music.

Fell in love with music at a very tender age but officially kicked off his music career in 2017 with his younger brother Idyllwhizz .

Read Our Exclusive interview with the Rising Star below

  • Good Evening, Let’s get to meet you, give us a brief of who Toyboy is.

My names are Oladokun Babatunde Olasunkanmi, I am better known as Toyboy and I am a Nigerian Singer/Songwriter and Actor. My music career began in 2017 with the release of IRE with Idyllwhizz which happens to be my Junior brother.

I am an indigene of Saki, Saki West Local Government, Oyo State

  • How did you come about your stage name “Toyboy” ?

I got the name Toyboy while I was shuffling through the pages of a borrowed novel in secondary school, I checked up the meaning and found out that it means a young man noted for his good looks especially one who maintains relationships with older, more powerful persons and immediately I felt connected with the name because in real life I really enjoy maintaining relationships with older and powerful people.


  • Your songs are either a featuring with Idyllwhizz and other Artists or a collaboration between you two, Is their a reason for always having him in your songs or are you a music duo ?

Idyllwhizz is actually my Junior brother, he is a talented artist and producer.

In 2017, when we sang our first song IRE together, we discovered that we had this chemistry when it comes to making music together, we click together without difficulty and my fans are always excited when we collaborate on a song

plus the feedback we get whenever we make a song together is always massive but no we are not music duos

He is currently working on his debut EP and I am featured on it, you should all wait on it.

  • Should we also be expecting and Album or Ep from you any time soon?
Yes, I am currently working on my debut EP and as soon as it is ready, I am going to release it for you guys to enjoy.
  • You’ve dished out many hit songs, when should we expect visuals?. I mean music video(s)

I was planning on shooting a music video for my song IJO AYO in April but the pandemic and the lockdown made it impossible for us to shoot at that time but as soon as the pandemic is completely over, I will shoot the visuals for some of my hit songs and new songs inclusive

  • You’ve been doing music for 3 years now, How has the journey been?

It has been God all through. To be candid, It hasn’t been easy at all, especially when I started, sourcing for funds to record and promote my songs at the same time was not an easy job at all but I am grateful to God, he has been faithful.

It took me a long time to record my first song IRE because I was not financially stable at that time, I was always freestyling at home with Idyllwhizz and always jotting down lyrics until finally I got the chance to record at Phyl’s Studio in 2017 and the song propelled me towards greater good.

I really got a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews from the song and from there I released my second track Iyawo Mi in 2018. God has really been faithful.

  • You also act right?. What year did you start acting and give us title of some Movies you’ve starred in.

Yes I act too. I got a major role in a movie in 2016/2017 when I got featured in Awo Ife, a yoruba movie and since then I have featured on couples of movies; Kukere, Grateful Heart(A Gospel Movie) etc.

  • Who is/are your role model(s) in the music industry?

Asa, 2baba, Tiwa Savage, 9ice, Davido, Wizkid, Burna boy.

  • If you have the opportunity to feature just one, who would that be and why?
That’s is a tough one but I would go for Asa. She is an Idol, we need to start worshiping her.
Her songs are unique, her lyrics are top notch and she has a voice of am angel. She is one of a kind.
  • Asa is no doubt an idol, So ehm what genre(s) of music are you into ?

Uhmm, my sound is unique. I am an Afropop/Afrosoul and afrolite(a genre I created) artist.

  • Last words for your fans?

I am going to release a new song titled Alubarika soon, you should all anticipate it.

  • Thanks for your time, it was nice having you.

It is a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

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Interview with Toyboy Interview with Toyboy