“Another start-up killed”- Nigerians react as OPay completely shutdown some services in Nigeria

Entmediahub recalled that OPay had announced that they are completely shutting down some of their services in Nigeria due to some challenges.

In reaction to that, worried Nigerians responded to the news of Opay’s decision to shut down some its services like ORide- its bike hailing service, OMall- its B2C e-commerce app, OTrade- its B2B e-commerce site, OExpress- its logistics service and OFood- its food service.

The company has made no profit as it should be since the government banned bikes in Lagos and also since the economy was locked down due to coronavirus.

Read everything they’ve written below;


See how some Nigerians are reacting to this;

@coded_boss wrote “It’s sad, the government failed you and the lives that depended on your business to provide for their families. I hope we all learn that Government does care about businesses.”

@OmoKiikan wrote “Opay shut down its businesses in Nigera to joined the likes of Dunlop and co. Even if we find a solution to our power problem, Companies will be afraid to come to Nigeria”

@umohjoe wrote, “It’s SAD day for innovation but I also know that INNOVATION ALWAYS WINS!” Keep going

@SavvyRinu wrote “Omo, Nigeria ruined OPay…Despite the amount of money and energy these guys invested into their business, how can the government be so wicked and inconsiderate?”

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