#Anonymous hacks NBC account to support #ENDSARS

#Anonymous NBC #ENDSARS

As the protest continues, NBC Twitter account has been hacked by #Anonymous to support #EndSars

The Nigerian’s National Broadcasting Commission was on 16th October, 2020 hacked by a body who addresses themselves as #Anonymous.

As the NBC has refused to talk about the on going protest, hackers took over the account and now sharing numerous tweets about #EndSars.

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However, in one of the tweets, it asked Nigerians what government websites they will like to be hecked.

The tweet reads :

Good morning, great Nigerians. TGIF and it’s also a good day to #ENDSARS and #EndSWAT

Which government website(s) would you want us to play with?

Drop your suggestions under this tweet.
#TwitterDown #NBChacked

Another tweet reads :

We’re taking note of all your suggestions.
What does #Anon have to gain? Nothing!

We’re simply here to support our NG Family to say

See screenshot of the original posts below :

#Anonymous NBC #ENDSARS

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