A Lagos Church puts up a vacancy in search of Prayer Warriors (PHOTO)

A pentecostal church in Lagos has printed a flyer as they launch their quest to hire prayer warriors.

In a country facing major medical threats as Covid-19 fear keeps increasing, this could be one of the stories that will amaze you.

The way we take religion in this part of the country is becoming absurd. Now, a church is hiring prayer warriors? Wait! What is going to be their qualifications.

Ability to pray in tongues for hours or fast for days? I really can’t fathom the idea behind this.

Nevertheless, I’m sharing this information to create an awareness. Most kidnappers, ritualistic and what have you are known for using the idea of job vacancies to drag victims into their hands.

So let’s all be careful even as we try to ascertain if the reason behind this and to question its morality.


For now, what do you think about this? Please drop comments below