A Deal With The Devil (You Owe Me)



{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée’s P.O.V.

I felt like I was suffocating when Vanda pressed up against me like that.

Feeling so crowded and near my limits, it’s almost a relief when he pulled slightly away from me to look at me more carefully.

I took it as an opportunity and bolted away from him. Diving on the bed, I scrambled to the other side of the room before I turned and stared at my imposing husband.

Vanda is now looking at me like I’ve lost a few upper brain cells and have gone over the deep ends.

Maybe I have.

I don’t know why I’m acting this way. With my uncle, I just dose myself with sleeping pills and leave the rest to him.

Oh, why did I ever think I’ll be able to carry this out if I’m awake and conscious?

I gulped down in panic. I just can’t do this.

He opened his mouth to say something and i mentally prepared myself for the mouth lash.

His cellphone went off like a rocket.

I held my breath as he turned away from me. He searched for his work clothes with his eyes, found it and withdrew his cellphone from the pocket.

His brows knit together as he eyed the screen, then he dragged on it and placed the phone to his ear.

“Hello?” He answered as he walked to the door, opened it and walked out.

I released a breath I don’t even know I was holding.

Oh, thank God, I thought shakily! My whole body shivering.

I was too worked up, I know that I won’t be able to do this. Not when I’m awake.

I rushed to the nightstand and took out my sleeping pills, I quickly popped out two or three or—I wasn’t really counting because I’m too agitated.

I quickly threw the bitter pills into my mouth, chewed them and swallowed noisily.

Then, I took out a carbon-paper I saw earlier and a pen….

Vanda’s P.O.V.

The call lasted longer than it should have but it was worth it.

My new business associate is having a problem understanding a clause in the contract we drafted and that is what the call is about.

I hung up the call after setting the man straight and glanced around the dark house.

No one is within sight in the vicinity.

I opened the door of my room and entered.

I was taken aback when I found my bride on the bed, sleeping.

I would have thought she was faking it, but her breath has evened out and her eyes unblinkingly closed.

She had removed the big sweater and now, she lay in a very tiny nightie that looks particularly sexy.

It emphasized her nice butts but that is where the fabric ended, showcasing smooth and bare long legs.

She had a carbon-paper pinned on her backside and it wrote; “Take me….please.”

I scowled as I snatched the note from her ass and threw it away.

I don’t know if this situation is supposed to be funny or not.

Did the thought of my touch repel her to the extent she had to drug herself to sleep?

I know there’s no love lost between us but this act of hers is very extreme, I thought angrily.

And where did she get the thought that I’ll touch her when she’s not even aware of it?

Renée’s P.O.V

I was well aware of the bright light illuminating my eyelids even before I opened my eyes to a very bright unfamiliar room.

Then, the events of the few days came crashing through me with it’s horrifying realities.

I am now a married woman, I thought and not without horror.

I looked around but I was alone in the room.

I quickly scrambled out of bed. My eyes going to the wall clock. It’s 10 a.m!

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed because I overslept.

But when I remembered the reason for that, it had me coming to a halt on the way to the bathroom I was rushing to.

I always oversleep whenever I dose myself. Always, I thought miserably.

I mentally checked myself and I feel…..normal.

The usual pain between my legs was absent, I don’t feel sore and my breasts aren’t aching. I don’t feel violated, I thought with a particular joy.

With the joy followed dread.

Why didn’t Vanda touch me last night? I did give him permission, didn’t I?

My uncle never needed permission and he never cared if I was awake or asleep.

Will he be more mad at me for what I did? Will he hate me more?

Anyway, he can’t hate me anymore than he already does, I consoled myself.

I thought he would be at work when I eventually come downstairs but I was surprised when I found him at the dinning table fully dressed up and ready for work.

He was seated beside his mother, who’s face lit up as she saw me. She beamed at me.

“Look who decided to join us at last…” The woman announced weakly, her voice taking on a teasing note and her eyes twinkled.

It dawned on me why would thought I overslept and I felt my cheeks flaming up.

“Good morning, mother.” I said shyly as I joined them on the table.

Finally, I allowed my eyes to find my ‘husband’ and as usual, his face was hard and impassive. I can’t get a read on him.

Seeing the way the older woman was watching my movement with pure joy, and remembering that Vanda and I are supposed to be happy couples in love….I flashed Vanda a smile as I walked around the table to him.

I got closer to him and kissed his cheek, “Good morning, honey.” I whispered as I took a seat beside him looking very relaxed on the outside when my insides are shaking.

I don’t know why, but Vanda’s face relaxed and the coldness left his eyes.

“Good morning, baby.” He answered with a drawl.

My insides flipped at his voice and the use of endearment.

This man really needs an Oscar in acting, I decided.

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{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée's P.O.V.

The morning meal was uncomfortable but the sick woman didn't notice it. It was almost a relief when Vanda got up and made his way outside.

After Vanda left for work, I stayed with his mother, just keeping the older woman company.

We were discussing about little things when the woman looked at me with pity. "I know you think my son works too much, right?"

"Urm…." I thought of what to answer. The woman doesn't know that I don't think anything about her son apart from how to stay out of his way.

"You see, my son has always been a workaholic but it got too much when that bad man in his company stole from him."

The water I had on my hand poured everywhere at the woman's statement.

"Sorry, so sorry!" I gasped as I scrambled up from the chair to clean it off but the woman stopped me with a smile.

"It's okay, the workers will take care of it later. I guess I scared you….I'm sorry about that." She apologized in that weak voice of hers.

Tears burnt at the back of my eyes but I didn't let the woman see. "It's nothing, mother."

"That man was really heartless. He even took the money that was supposed to be used for Ordin's medical treatment. Killed my baby boy." The woman's voice cracked.

"Please, don't think about it. You are not supposed to upset yourself." I said, trying to swallow the guilt.

"I guess my son told you all about it…" She whispered, her eyes slowly closing and opening.

I took it as my escape cue. "Get some sleep, mother. You need it." I said to the woman who nodded her response back at me.

It didn't take long for her to go sleep.


Hours later, I was in my room when Venice my sister entered the room. I looked at her and smiled.

She returned the smile but it was a little tight a smile, and her hand was crushing her chest a little. She rubbed her chest in circular motions.

My eyes widened. “Oh my God, forgive me, Ven! I didn’t check for you allergies! I’ve been so preoccupied I didn’t stop to think…!”

Venice shook her head, stopping my tirades. “It’s alright, Ren. I understand that these past few days hasn’t been easy for you.”

I shifted for her on the bed and she lowered herself beside me. “Is it flowers, or cat or dust?” I persisted. “I didn’t see any cats in the house though.”

She sighed, “It’s flowers….in my room. Anyway, I’ve had a maid take it out and I’ve taken my drugs. I’m fine now.”

I feel so guilty. I haven’t checked on my sister and she just had an episode.

Venice has allergic asthma. She is allergic to some things that can trigger asthma symptoms and asthma attacks in people.

“Cheer up, Ren. I came to spend sometime with you before your husband comes back. Let’s make the most of it, alright?”

“Okay.” I whispered to her.

Her eyes searched mine carefully. “Are you really alright, Ren? With all these going on?”

“I’m trying to be.” I sighed at last, “It’s a huge adjustment to make. You know, from living in a dumpster to living in an expensive mansion like Cinderella.” I smiled at her to lighten the mood.

She didn’t return the smile. “But you don’t feel like Cinderella, do you, sis? You feel like the prisoner, Rapunzel.”

My sister has always seen too much. “I don’t have her hair.” I laughed teasingly.

She remained quiet. Thinking.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs and use the pool. I saw one at the backyard and it’s secluded.” She brightened suddenly.

I took a breath of relief. At least, she isn’t so worried about me anymore.

“Should we?” I asked.

She nodded vigorously. “I can’t remember the last time I used a pool. Feels like forever.”

I scoffed, amused. “You’re just fourteen years old, Veny. There’s all the time in the world to swim in the future.”

She pouted and shook her head. “Let’s forget the future and just go swim now.”

I don’t have to think about it. I nodded my head too and proceeded to my bag to withdraw a swimsuit.

I turned around to see Venice sadly eying my sleeping pills on the cabinet but when our eyes met, she smiled.

Vanda’s P.O.V.

I came back home earlier than ever today. My mother was sleeping in her room and the home nurse I hired for her made it clear that mother is alright.

I went to my room and found it empty. Where is Renée?

I took off my work clothes and wrapped a towel around my waist. I trotted into the bathroom.

I was about to turn on the shower when I heard feminine laughter and giggles. They seem to be coming from outside.

I looked through the window and recognized Renée immediately with her little sister. They were swimming and laughing.

Renée’s face captivated me for a full minute. So much laughter and bliss in them.

I’ve never seen a girl her age look that carefree. And now that I think about it, Renée has never looked that way with me.

And where did such a thought come from? I quickly squashed the thought and watched as the two sisters came out of the water.

Not that I didn’t know it before, but Radern was absolutely right. My wife is a knockout.

Beautiful face with a striking curvy body to match with it, she looked like a water goddess as she came out of the pool with her sister trailing behind her.

Beautiful and still the enemy.
And my wife






{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée’s P.O.V.

I feel so refreshed after swimming with Venice. God, it feels so good to feel great once in a while.

Together, we entered the house and made our way upstairs.

We reached Venice’s room but she stopped at the door. “I need to get something I forgot at the pool, can you wait for me in my room?” She asked with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll wait right inside.” I replied, already going in.

It’s best I spent more time with my sister before my husband comes home anyway.

Vanda’s P.O.V.

After the bath, I just finished putting on a casual shirt and pants, ready to go have lunch when the door opened.

I expected to see Renée but it was her sister who entered and closed the door.

The clothes she wore looks wet, indicating that she hadn’t gone to her room to change before coming here.

“Good evening, sir.” She spoke, her eyes skittish.

I crossed my arms on my chest and stared at the girl. We haven’t really spoken more than two words since I met and married her sister. I wonder why she came to see me.

“Where is your sister?” I meant for my voice to be casual but it came out harsh.

“She’s in my room.” She was quick to add, “Ren doesn’t know you’re back yet.”

“But you do?” I asked with an arch of my brow.

She nodded repeatedly, “I wanted to speak with you and that’s why I’m here.”

Alright. I didn’t say a word, just allowing the girl to speak.

She swallowed nervously before she eyed me bravely. “I know you didn’t marry my sister for love, sir, but you see…Renée is a very good person and I hope you will see that.”

I snorted inwardly. Of course, she’ll think her sister a hero.

“My uncle was really mean to Renée and I. He was more mean to Ren because she always protects me. I thought when my uncle dies we will finally be free and Ren will stop taking those horrible sleeping pills but that’s not the case.”

I frowned, not getting the girl. “What do you mean your uncle was mean to you and your sister?” I asked.

She scrunched her face and averted her eyes.

“He doesn’t let us go out, we were like prisoners. He used to beat us a lot, unless Ren is ‘co-operating’…whatever he meant by that. At night, when Ren is not sleeping like the dead, she is trying unsuccessfully to muffle screams because my uncle is beating her.”

Beating her in the middle of the night?

“Why?” I was baffled, the girl wasn’t making a lot of sense. “I don’t understand. What do you mean—”

“Ven!?” A feminine voice called outside.

“Shit! She’s looking for me, I’ve got to go! Please, Mr Crown, don’t be so mean to my sister because Ren has really been through a lot and she doesn’t need more.” She rushed through the words before she opened the door and hurried out.

I stood there, being puzzled out of my mind.

Renée’s P.O.V.

I spent a good part of the afternoon and evening with Venice. Occasionally, my sister will take on a faraway look on her face.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked her at a point.

She seemed to catch herself and she beamed me a smile, “Nothing.”

We were deep in the middle of playing cards when I heard when sounds like a very familiar male hard voice.

Vanda? I inwardly asked myself, my heart Summersaulting with fear and dread.

“Seems like your husband is back.” Venice said, smiling a little sheepishly, “I forgot to tell you that I saw him when I went back to the pool.”

My eyes widened. “Oh my God, he’s been back since then and you didn’t say a word to me? That almost two hours ago!”

I abandoned the cards and made my way out of Venice’s room. I came out of her room right in time to see my husband turn back and enter our room.

When I entered the room, he was sitting at one of the big parlour-chair that took up one part of the room with a newspaper that blocked his face from my view.

He lowered it then to look at me.

“I didn’t know you’ve been back a long time.” I blurted out.

He snorted. “It’s no duty of yours to wait on me.”

No, I agreed inwardly. Just to act for your mother and share your bed.

I stood at the center of the room, not knowing what to do. I don’t know how to act around this man.

I took a seat at the opposite chair and turned on the television. His eyes followed me the whole time.

“What do you do for fun, Renée?” He asked, taking me by surprise. Until he added, “Apart from drugging yourself with pills?”

I closed my eyes, tight. It was stupid to hope that he would forget that.

“Why don’t you come and sit down here, let’s discuss what happened last night?” He groaned.

“There’s nothing to discuss.” I said stiffly.

He kept quiet for a while that I had to force my eyes to meet his.

Then, he smirked. “I’m glad that you think so because there won’t be a drug to shove down your throat tonight. I made sure of that.”

Wait. What!?

My eyes found the nightstand but my pills were missing from it. Just to be sure, I got up and went looking for it but I couldn’t see it.

“Where are they!?” I cried out, my eyes wide.

He didn’t spare me a glance. “I flushed them down the toilet.” Then, he looked at me. “You and I know that that drug ain’t good for you. A drug that sends you to half-coma and make you sleep like the dead, so, why the hell did you keep taking it?”







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{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée's P.O.V.

I was still reeling from the fact that he threw away my pills….my only escape from harsh realities and there he stood, asking me why I take them. As if he cares.

A man that practically believes the worst of me. Who thinks I'm a thief and a liar.

If he doesn't believe that I don't know a thing about where my uncle kept his money, how will he believe that my uncle made me a victim too?

"You don't want to say a thing? Do you take pleasure from drugging yourself, Renée?" He growled when the silence stretched.

"That's what it would seem like." I finally replied before I turned and entered the bathroom. I locked the door and had a good cry.

How dare he throw away my pills!? Although I don't like the drugs too but I've never really had a choice.

I made sure to stay out of his way for the rest of the day and it wasn't hard truly. I spent much time with Venice and then with his mother.

That night, I tried to delay bed time as much as I can but as it struck 10pm, I ran out of choices.

I finally went back to the room and creaked the door open quietly. It was dark inside and I felt very happy.

Vanda has gone to sleep, I decided.

I tiptoed like a thief and creaked my way inside the quiet room. When I got to the wardrobe, I quietly drew it open and withdrew my nightwear.

I undressed silently. Left in only my bra and pant, I proceeded to unhook my bra.

The lights suddenly turned on. One minute everywhere was dark, the next…the room can't get any brighter.

My eyes found Vanda's dark eyes and I gasped. I quickly started to put on my nightie.

I was so disoriented that I fumbled with it. When I was finally able to put it on, Vanda's lips was curved in a small smile. His eyes has gotten a very big eyeful of my body.

"You almost hurt yourself with how fast you tried to cover your body. I am your husband, bellissima." He drawled but he seems amused.

I would have taken more notice that the stoic man is smiling, if I wasn't so worked up and nervous. And I don't know the meaning of the Spanish word he called me.

"Are you going to sleep with your brassiere on?"

"I'll take it off." Later. But I didn't say it out loud.

He seems to know though because the smile never left his face. "Come to bed, Renée."

When I kept staring at him, his smile vanished. "We made a deal. Are you backing out of it? I can always tear up the contract and have you hand over my money."

That was enough to get me walking. I walked to the bed, going to the empty side of the bed, I opened the covers and got under it. I drew the covers to my chin.

I left a lot of space between us on the bed, you'd think a third person will be joining us.

His hand went to the headboard and he turned off the lights. The room settled in darkness.

Seconds passed…minutes…long minutes. Nothing happened.

I let out a breath I did'nt even realize I was holding and relaxed back on the bed.

One minute, I felt wonderfully alone in darkness. The next, Vanda's face was in front of mine.

He had crossed the distance between us and now he lay beside me with his face a few inches away from mine.

"Breathe." He whispered.

I let out shaky breaths as his hands gently forced me to sit up on the bed. He wrapped his arms around me without touching.

My face on his neck, the scent of him surrounded me. I wanted to relax but I can't.

"I'm just going to remove your bra." His deep voice surrounded me.

I bit my lips to keep from saying that I can take it off. Instead, I held my breath as his hands finally touched my back.

He unclipped my bra and pulled back a little to extract it from my nightie. I felt his eyes on me the whole time he dropped the bra on the nightstand.

I can't see a thing in the darkness but I felt the bed cover being pulled away from my body.

"Vanda…." I trailed off, my voice pleading.

"Let go." His voice was soft. I have a hard time associating this voice with the hard man I've been with these past few days.

"Please…." But as I said the word, I allowed him to take the big bed cover away from me. The cool night air carassed my body in the revealing nightie.

He ran his hands on my almost naked back. A touch that was supposed to be soothing strung me up like a drawn bow ready to snap.

He didn't let go though. He kept running his hands on my back for very long minutes until the resistance went out of my body and I sagged against him in helpless defeat.

"Please give me time, please…" I pleaded at last against him. "I promise to keep my own side of the deal…I really do…it's just…" I swallowed.

"You need time before we become intimate?" He provided, his voice deceptively soft.

"Yes. Please…"

The silence stretched and I wanted for him to laugh at me, or say something cutting or worse, force his rights as my husband.

"How long, Renée?"

He surprised me with that word. It was at the tip of my tongue to say "Forever" but even I know not to push my luck.

I relaxed more into his embrace. He feels good, I admitted inwardly. I don't know why the ruthless Vanda Crown is suddenly acting out of character but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Two weeks? One week?" I added quickly when he kept quiet.

The silence stretched for a long time and I almost panicked. Did I ask for too much?

"Please, one week and I promise to be your wife in every sense of the word. I will do anything, please…."

"Anything?" His voice thickened like a rich wine. Low and deep.

All the while, his strong hand still rubbed my back




{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée's P.O.V.

"Anything." I was quick to reassure Vanda, my heart lifting that he'll be leaving me alone at least for a week.

A week is not a long time, a voice said at the back of my mind.

I ignored it.

Vanda kept holding me. Just when I started to fear that he won't let me go, he slowly released his arms from around me.

"One week, Renée. That and you owe me a new deal. You said you'll will do anything, right?" He growled as he left me completely.

Surprisingly, I felt bereft without his arms around me but I shut my mind against the feeling.

I can't even bring myself to think about the new consequence of the deal I just made.

Besides, what's more horrifying that intimacy?

"Yes. I'll do anything." I agreed.

"Alright. From now on, we will live like truly married couples. You will change clothes even when I'm around and we will sleep together at night. Sometimes I might kiss your lips in front of mother or ask you to come sit at my laps….you don't hesitate to you it." He stated.

My mind was reeling with all these instructions but hey, it's better that having sex, right?

Besides, I can always change my clothes before he comes back from work.

"Alright. I'll do it." I accepted reluctantly.

It seems to be enough for Vanda because he pulled the covers over him and everywhere became deadly silent.

I laid beside him but I couldn't sleep. I'm scared that I'll have nightmares.

This man doesn't know that even my sister can't sleep beside me because my screams keep her awake.

I was determined to be awake till morning but I eventually found myself going to sleep.

Vanda's P.O.V.

First, it was a whimper. Soft, tortured.
Followed by a thrashing of arms and legs.

And then, a scream. A loud high-pitched earsplitting scream.

I sprang up from the bed, my eyes falling on Renee on the other side of the bed as she screamed and thrashed.

"Hey…!" I touched her irritably, hoping she'll stop. I've got an important business meeting tomorrow, I don't have time for this.

Eyes still closed, she moved away from me so fast, like my hands just burned her.

"Leave me alone…! Please….!" She cried.

"Renée, you're safe. It's just a nightmare." I said in a firm voice but I didn't try to touch her again.

"No! Please! Uncle Joe, please stop….!"

Her cries froze me as I stared at her. Why the hell would she mention her uncle's name and with such fear too.

I raised my hand and shook her firmly.

"Go back to sleep, Renée." I ordered, hoping the order will get to her subconscious.

That seems to do the trick because she stopped screaming and crying, and her body went lax.

Back to sleep again.

Silence descended again, followed by a soft knock on the door. A hesitant knock.

I threw on my robe, walked to the door and opened it. Her sister stood there, sleepy but concerned.

"Your sister woke you up from sleep?" I asked the girl.

She nodded and peered inside. She breathed a sign of relief when she saw her sister was still sleeping.

"Please don't tell her she woke me up. She'll just end up feeling guilty. I wanted to know if I could make her go back to sleep because well…she doesn't like being touched when she's having a nightmare." The girl whispered.

"Anyway, I'm going to go back to sleep." She added with a yawn. "I'm sorry for the disturbance, sir."

"Hey.." I called halting her movement. "You said your uncle is the cause of her nightmares?"

The girl nodded firmly. "Of course. It's like he keeps all the punishment he has for Ren at night, just so he'll go into her room and beat her up for it when she's asleep." Her brows furrowed, "Ren tries to muffle her screams but I still hear it way across her room, from my own room. I can hear the sounds of his beatings too. It's like he's slapping my poor sister's skin with something…."

Jesus Christ. I'm not sure this girl knows the implications of what she's saying, I thought with a feeling of dread. And interest.

The girl shook her head sadly. "Anyway, that's why Renée drugs herself. You only hear beatings then but no sound from Ren." She faced the hallway, "I know your reputation says you have no kindness but Please treat my sister my kindness, sir. She is really no buddies with our uncle."

I watched the girl as she walked through the long hallway and disappeared to the other part of it that leads to her room.

Renée's P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning feeling bright and early. I racked my brain and I have no memories of having nightmares last night.

It made me real happy. At least, I disturbed nobody's sleep.

I remember the new deal with my husband. Being a proper wife. How do I achieve that?

I don't even know how to go about that.

Should I download another video from YouTube?

No, YouTube doesn't help at all.

I don't have anybody to talk to about it but the one person I've been with for a long time.

I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Afterwards, I came out and looked at the bed.

He is still sleeping.

I crept out of the room and into the hallway. I made my way to Venice room and peered inside. She was lying down on the bed, her eyes closed but I know she's awake.

"Ven?" I whispered as I opened the door and entered.

"Leave me alone, Ren. I wanna sleep." She grumbled as she tried to find another sleeping position.

"Ven!?" I whispered again.

"Leave me alone. Go and do something useful with your time, sis. Maybe cook or something." She muttered, eyes closed.

Exactly. Cooking will be the best way to start.

"Thanks Ven." I said happily as I made my way out of her room. Ven didn't answer, still trying to catch more sleep.

So, it's official. I'll start from cooking for him




Surprise episode

{You owe me}.

Written by Presh Alicia Daisy


Renée's P.O.V

With cooking in mind, I made my way to the very big kitchen that's so unfamiliar to me.

A young woman and two men were inside the kitchen. The two men were drinking coffea and the young woman was chopping vegetables.

The men must be working around the house and the woman must be the cook.

Their clattering stopped momentarily when they saw me. They turned and looked at me.

Their eyes dismissed me as unimportant and they continued their discussion.

"Uhm…Good morning." I said softly, hoping to get their attention.

They didn't spare me a glance.

I walked deeper into the kitchen, I went to the woman. "Uhm…I want to make breakfast today, I don't know if it's okay."

"It's not." The woman stated flatly. "You don't know how things work around here, so be a doll you are and let me to handle it." She said rudely.

"Yes. Just because the boss picked you up from nowhere, put you in a white gown and presented you to the church, doesn't make you the boss of us." One of the men said snidely.

The other man and the woman snickered, very amused.

I felt so embarrassed and humiliated.

"Don't mind the girl. Just because you feed the boss your cunt doesn't make you the boss-lady." The other man said.

I might have been my Uncle's doormat. Hell, I might be Vanda's doormat too, but I refuse to be stepped upon my stupid people who's got absolutely no idea of how I've lived!

I was vibrating with anger and shame. I walked to the last man and gave him a very hard slap on the cheek.

The others gasped with surprise.

"I am not a whore. Do you hear me? I am not a whore." I said heatedly.

I don't know why I felt the need to drive the knowledge home to them, but the need was there so much that tears burned the back of my eyes but I blinked it back.

"You don't ever say such a thing about me again. I am not a whore!" I said the last one so heatedly at I slapped the man again, my shoulders vibrating with the force of my anger and pain.

"You bitch!" The other man said as he stalked closer to me.

I registered at the back of my mind that things are about to get pretty ugly. I mentally prepared myself for what will probably be the worst beating of my life.

"What's going on here?" Came the deep familiar voice from the door.

"Boss!" The woman gasped.

I turned and faced Vanda. He seemed to have rolled out of bed, still in pajamas. His face was devoid of all emotions.

"She came in here to bully us." The first man lied.

"Yes, sir. She boasted of how you'll take her side in everything and how the house is suddenly hers!" The second man whined.

The woman faced him, suddenly looking so innocent. "We didn't do anything wrong, sir."

Feeling cornered, I stubbornly kept quiet.

Knowing how much Vanda hates me, I know he will take their sides and put me back in my place right in front of them.

His cold eyes found me. Everywhere was dead silent as he walked closer to me.

He took a good look at my face. I don't know what he's looking for, but I didn't hide the anger and the hurt I was feeling.

My uncle's voice keeps ringing in my ear. You're mine, Renée…you will always be mine…

I'm nobody's whore! I mentally screamed.

I don't know if Vanda noticed that I was fighting my inner battles. I expected him to ask me what happened.

"Three of you are fired" He stated. His voice, cold and hard.

I looked up at him with surprise. He didn't even know what happened!

"What!? Please, sir!" The first man to insult her pleaded.

The others knelt down instantly and rubbed their hands together in a gesture of plea.

He turned to face them fully. His reputation as a cold, ruthless and heartless businessman came into view.

"You all are fired without your last paycheck." He continued, "For insulting and verbally assaulting my wife, I'll make sure the three of you spend the next two weeks in jail with community service."

Ignoring the pleas and the tears of the woman, he smirked mirthlessly.

"For making her shed tears and almost result to violence, I'll make sure that all of you will have a criminal record for the rest of your life." He announced ruthlessly. "Good luck finding a new job after serving time in jail."

All that said, he turned and stalked out of the kitchen door.

I stood there gaping at him.

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