Why Allegations Against Magu Can’t Be Ignored – Presidential Aided

According to the source who pleaded anonymity because no one has been granted authority to speak on the matter, anyone occupying a position such as Magu’s should be devoid of blemish and suspicions.

The source added that what happened to Magu also shows that nobody in the Buhari administration is above scrutiny.


The source said,

“The panel investigating allegations against acting EFCC Chairman had been sitting for some weeks now.”

“In consonance with the principle of fairness and justice, it was needful that the acting Chairman be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations, which are weighty in nature.

“Under the Muhammadu Buhari administration, nobody is above scrutiny. Repeat: nobody. The investigation is to reinforce transparency and accountability, rather than to vitiate it.

“Accountability for our actions or inactions is inalienable part of democracy. In such elevated position as that of EFCC Chairman, the holder of the position must be above suspicion.

“There’s no prejudgment – absolutely none. The Buhari administration can be counted on to uphold fairness and justice at all times.”