[VIDEOS] #Xenophobia : S.A attack – burning and shooting of Nigerians

[VIDEOS] #Xenophobia : S.A attack – burning and shooting of Nigerians

It’s so sad and heartbreaking seeing all this happen.

South Africans are well know to be Xenophobic but they have taken it to the next level.

The rate of destroying things and killing foreigners who are mostly Nigerians increased few days ago.

Alot of people have been beaten to death, Shut at and some burnt alive and left to die.

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Look at the South Africans going from place to place looking for foreigners. Is this right? Is the world not watching? How can you be killing your own fellow human beings and fellow Africans for that matter? And what’s their reason for all these? “We foreigners are taking all their jobs”. What kind of stupid excuse is that from a bunch of lazy ass heartless people. This is sad. The world needs to step in. Slide left to listen to what some idiot is saying on National TV supporting this xenophobic act. 🇿🇦

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