The noise about democracy day June 12

The noise about democracy day!!! June 12

To an average Nigerian on the street begging for food, work, employment etc .they don’t feel the impact of the said democracy day. Nigerian road have became a death trap to many and its only good for the rich who can afford lofty cars. What is good about democracy day when a graduate is on the street pushing wheel barrow. What are we celebrating when the children of the poor are not in the school because their teachers are not paid. There nothing to celebrate when the economic power of the land is in the hand of the minority few who have the money with them. An average Nigerian can’t even afford to eat once in a day.
To me, if democracy will be celebrated, it will be when there is true federalism, when food is available for all, and cost of living is less. When we can freely walk on our roads without fear of kidnaps and armed robbery attack. When Nigerian police orientation will change from extorting money from drivers who ply the road to protecting lives and property of an average Nigerian. I will be happy to see Nigeria industrialized and Ajaokuta steel company come back to life. I will be glad to see true rail system working and not this noise over railways that the Russian built which were renovated and maintained for us. We want correct rail and not locomotive type this government produced for us. Some African country have moved into the 21st century and we are still afar from them, places like Ethiopia and south Africa have improved in the lives of their people.
What then are we celebrating today? Are we not celebrating mediocrity, dictatorship, thuggery, thieves who have stolen our national wealth at the detriment of the masses. Where in some state their leaders have reduced their work force by clamoring over ghost worker whereas it a mischievous means of syphoning public fund into private use, teachers have become beggars on the road. This is dictatorship of some who left from long us and they become pharaoh but have suddenly forgotten that they shall returned back to us.
Finally, our conscience should be our teacher and our judge, we shall all give account to the Almighty God. Please don’t forget that its 6feet under that will end your journey here on planet earth. If you stole peoples mandate, that God did not give you, you will soon be disgraced out of it. Very soon the end of all badness shall come to an end and all shall cease to exist. The Lord who is the maker of all shall bring the deeds of men to limelight. All the lies, man overing, cheating, rigging and marginalization shall be exposed. All secrets meeting to oppressed men shall be seen. Learn to humble your self and allow the will of God to take place. Today you may be playing God but tomorrow you shall be no more.
When we get it right , economically, electrically, employment wise, and have good roads and equity where everybody count and no region is excluded then can we celebrate DEMOCRACY DAY.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL its a food for thought for all.

Venerable Moses Suberu


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