[VIDEO] Popular prankster k*ssing his sister passionately – fans react 

Popular prankster k*ssing his sister passionately – fans react

A Youtuber popularly know as “Prank Invasion” who claims to be the world’s best kisser,

Is popular for his kissing pranks and this time he does it with a lady he claims to be his sister,

They decided to play a game and agreed to kiss if he wins, she eventually lost and they got to kiss.

Watch Video below :


Many of his fans were not cool with it while some doubt she’s his sister for real

See Some Reactions Below :

Next week: Getting my SISTER pregrant!!! Prank🤢
*worries that dad is here and will see them * Posts video on YouTube.
No way that’s his sis…those kiss were too deep and emotional, lol!
This has to be an april fools prank
Also … PLEASE do a reaction video of your parents watching it. Firstly because it’s better they find out from you instead of the grapevine and secondly, because we all know they’re going to kick the crap out of you for it.
This is the prank right. They’re pranking us into thinking they’re siblings right
guy: “they wanna see it😆☝️” me: looks around WHO ASKED FOR THIS
Lol is this an intro to a porn video. “YouTuber tricks sister into banging him HD”

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