Lota Chukwu Shares Throwback Picture Before She Became Famous

Nollywood actress Lota Chukwu has shared a throwback picture which shows what she looked like during her struggle for fame in the movie industry.

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According to the actress, the picture was taken during her first visit to Lagos in search of fame. She also spoke of how she left her dogs behind, a decision which she now bears the fruit.

Lota Chukwu wrote:

“My habit of dresses and sneakers didn’t start today…
My #WCW is this girl right here. The strongest, most fearless person I know…. me, 5 years ago. See that smile, see that confidence in her eyes? She’d just left everything and everyone she knew to chase a life that might never work. Leaving my dogs was incredibly hard but I had to. This was my first week in Lagos, totally different from everything I knew but I did it. I didn’t know anybody in the business before I moved here but I knew God and He had me. Getting broke fast, depleted savings, but nobody cared and I didn’t care to share. Almost 5 years later, and so much has changed. I’m not as fearless as I was before or as impulsive but that’s fine. We’ll find our fire again. •
•so here’s my reminder to you. Do it. Do it broke, do it afraid, do it fearfully, do it shaking, but do it anyway.”


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