Unfair things done to students by Nigerian lecturers

It is arguable that eighty percent Nigerian university student or graduate has been treated unfairly by a lecturer.

It could be by falling a course or by making sure a student has a hard time learning in a school environment.

This has always been a common knowledge, lecturers in Nigerian universities can be really unfair to students.

There have been stories of lecturers failing students because they don’t like them or just making their lives miserable in school.

There are also reports that these incidents of lecturers being unfair to students are likely to occur more in federal and state universities.

Students in private schools have the privilege of avoiding such incidents through out their entire life at school.

However, this doesn’t mean they do not have their share of unfair treatment,

it might not just be as outrageous and obvious as federal and state schools.

To clarify this point,

Pamilerin took to twitter to ask Nigerian students and graduates to list their worst experiences with lecturers and as you can imagine,

almost everyone had something to say.

Here are a list of what people had to say below:

1) Redo assignments

2) Bullying


3) Unfair judgement


4) Harassment



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