After Having Zy I Found Out I Was Pregnant Again , It Was Bound To Happen All The sex me & Mike Was Doing It Was Good While It Lasted – Head pounding heart Thumping WTF ama Do With 2 Kids? Should I get an abortion , should I let someone Adopt It I’m frustrated & Scared, Although I Knew wtf the consequences comes with having sex unprotected Again , Specially on them drunk nights I knew Mike def wasn’t pulling out…Decided to keep it to myself But If I told mike I Know he would run his mouth , Fuck it ama tell him Anyway , A day goes by & I finally gave mike the News ” He was shocked But for a fact he wasn’t gone let me get an abortion or let me give it up for adoption So once again I was STUCK WITH ANOTHER BABY ,Months Goes By Zy getting Big Observing more & My belling showing more … I didn’t care Wtf anybody had to say My kids was gone be straight regardless ‘ I couldn’t wait to have my second child because zy wouldn’t be Bored, All she did was lay on me so of course they was gone have a good ass Bond ‘ Me & mike split up so I had moved with my mother Started going back to school & Getting on my shit after Mike Ended up Trapping me Again I missed him so much I left , moved back with mike & Dropped out of school again , I felt my life going back down the same road but I didn’t care because I had my family back again



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