Story: Broken Hearted Girl : Part2


Days Go By & I’m Still Pregnant , Back Hurting Headaches Increasing Belly Getting Bigger & Attitude Getting Worser After Telling My Mother About the pregnancy All she wanted me to do was finish school but all I wanted to do was be under Mike, He always Was Outside & In & Out of Jail .. I Cried some nights But I always Was There For Him The Love Was DEEP, I started missing more & More Days Out Of School Started Lying to my mom about going Always Skipped or Left Just to see mikes face’ My world Revolved around Him & THATS WHERE I FUCKED UP AT, …..I started getting insecure when it came down to mike trust started losing, My Mother felt like I Picked mike over her & I did I left home just to move in with His family ( That Barely liked Me ) but I didn’t care longs I was around Him , My Mother Left me & Moved out of state Every since then My Life started to complete FUCK UP .. Everything started going down the road , But I still manage to keep my head up Months goes by & My Due Date Is Approaching I’m feeling extra over whelmed because this is my first child and I still have to get every thing in order before the baby Arrival , With Mikes help WE HAD EVERYTHING Before the baby was born Aug. Hit & This is my last month One night after arguing with mike we slept in different rooms I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t sleep once I gotten comfortable my water broke , After waking mike and his mother up we heads to the hospital Soon arriving at women’s hospital I started pushing at 5cmm & Baby pops out that was the best morning/night ever fills with joy & tears After spending Two days in the hospital We was able to bring baby home , mike couldn’t stop staring & i couldn’t stop Smiling



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