STORY: BrokenHeartedGirl-Part1

Broken heart girl

Remember the reason I started to talk to you , You was just so damn Fine , Matched My Fly Dreads Was Done ‘ You was the flyest of all time .. You was that nigga & Everything you Did Caught my eyes was.. I was a lil Shy But some how I broke out of that ‘ I always walked passed where you trapped at just to get your attention Once I got that I already knew you was gone be Mines OFF GATE. My heart pounded A lil every time I was around you ,I remember neither one of us knew just how much that first conversation will truly impact both of our futures. You Asked me my name I said Jade You said your name was Mike We both smiled After a long day you said you a text me later after exchanging Numbers, 4hrs I received a Text ” Wassup” I stood by the phone staring and waiting on your text *Ding*Mikes name pops up all I could do was smile from ear to ear After Texting All Night I woke up and couldn’t get him off my mind Some how I just Knew he was gone get the ( Draws )But it was to early for that [ I Thought to myself ] From that Night on we always chilled smoked & Drink Together There was always laughter & jokes when we link up until one day he introduced me to his family after heading out to eat With his Mom lil Sister & cousin, feelings started getting deeper until One day I Met His Girlfriend On Facebook( YEA YALL HEARD WTF I SAID ” HIS GIRLFRIEND” ) After talking to her for atleast A Hr I decided to meet up with her……I Was Mad , Frustrated Angry Because he said he ain’t have a gf But I Ain’t GAF I Just wanted to know the Truth and some how it came out .. I still decided to Fuxk with him & After A Yr Want By I was pregnant by him After Finding out about my pregnancy i was happy he was happy & his family aswell But did I mention I was only in the 11th Grade, throughout my pregnancy there was always arguments but he never left my side TO BE CONTINUED ..